Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow "Tea"

While I do love a good and tasty cup of hot cocoa... sometimes, I just don't want chocolate {gasp}. I love this "tea" ... simple, and soothing. A nice complement to chocolaty Christmas desserts.

Snow "Tea"- Finding Joy in My Kitchen

~ 1/2 T Real Vanilla Extract
~ 1 T Sugar (or less, to taste)
~ 1 C Milk

Heat milk to desired temperature.

Stir in the sugar until dissolved. Then, add in the vanilla.

Stir, and enjoy in a fun, festive mug!


  1. This sounds delicious...like a vanilla version of hot chocolate. I am much more of a vanilla than a chocolate person, so I would LOVE this.

  2. sweet vanilla flavored milk... WOW, this is really sounding good!

  3. Love the mug. I'd have to make this with rice milk, lactose intolerance reigns in this household. I'll try it!

  4. NICE!!! and YUMMY!!! on a cold winters evening by the fire.

  5. Sounds tasty! What a pretty mug too. Merry Christmas!

  6. What a simple wonderful drink. I love vanilla hot chocolate is my favorite. Thanks for saving me money.

  7. MMmmm.... Having some tonight. Been sick but didnt have any tea in the house. Then I remembered this recipe. Thanks! Its soothing to my throat.


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