Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Healthy Breads

Today, we're talking breads at Thanksgiving -- especially for a few days post-Thanksgiving for delicious leftover open-faced turkey sandwiches!!  If you missed yesterday, we shared our favorite ways to make-over traditional side dishes.  

Our favorite Thanksgiving bread is Lucy's Dinner Rolls!  

These are moist, pull-apart rolls that go perfectly with the meal. The dough for these rolls can be made in the bread machine, and then they rise nicely {and quickly} in a warm kitchen!  I've made them with 100% whole wheat as well, replacing the all-purpose flour in the ingredient list with white whole wheat flour.  Delicious.  

Maybe whole wheat rolls won't go over well with your family -- then, I might suggest a delicious roll that is 100% whole wheat {and no one will know}!  These white whole wheat rolls are delightful, and a favorite around our house.  

The best part about this recipe?  They go from ingredients to ready to eat in 40 minutes!  

Is your family a crescent roll family?  If so -- why not try making them yourself this Thanksgiving?  We have a crescent roll recipe that we love, and have successfully made these with 100% white whole wheat flour too!

These do take some time to rise, but the dough comes together really nicely and they are easy to shape into crescents!

Maybe you'd enjoy a good slice of bread with honey -- then, I might recommend another of our favorites... Carrot Bread.

You can make this bread the day before and wait to slice it until Thanksgiving day -- it stays wonderfully moist.

Is cornbread on your Thanksgiving menu?  Then, you must try this sweet potato corn bread!  This bread is 100% GF -- and an easy way to make a GF bread for your GF friends!  You don't need any specialty flours to make this one :)

What breads are must-have's on your Thanksgiving table?  



  1. I love bread..any kind of the healthier it can be for me, the better! I need to start baking more with the whole wheat flour. These are wonderful ideas for Thanksgiving, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love bread so any way to make is healthier is good for me! I need to check out that carrot bread. Thanks : )

  3. I can easily eat 10 crescents in one sitting, delicious

  4. I've made pumpkin rolls the past couple of years and love them....
    this year I won't be making them for Thanksgiving Day because my brother-in-law is bringing his new girlfriend and she wanted to make cornbread. I'm pretty sure I'll make the pumpkin rolls sometime that week, though. They're wonderful!

  5. I obsessed with bread, any kind, any shapes and sizes! I just like it for breakfast pair it with coffee, perfect :)
    health is riches


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