Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot Chocolate Bar {Winter Party Idea}

Are you hosting a winter party?  Last week, I had a bunch of my college friends over for a few hours – and we enjoyed a hot chocolate bar!

The prep is simple:

Then, just set out the mugs, and spoons and allow your guests to create their own yummy mug of hot cocoa. 

Cookies, fudge and popcorn make fun additions to a hot cocoa party!


  1. Such a cute and festive party!!

  2. I've always loved the idea of a hot chocolate bar -- this is perfect execution! Invite me over next time. ;)

  3. Such a fun idea! I think I'll do this for my next girl's night with our sunday school class :)

  4. how adorable ! a great way to spend a winter evening, for sure.


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