Sunday, July 19, 2009

A surprise!

My hubby came home from work with these beauties!

Typically, husbands come home with flowers.
Not mine.
Mine speaks right to my heart.
He came home with new spatulas!
This gift was even more special because
I have successfully broken my non Kitchen-Aid spatulas,
leaving me with just one!!!
Thanks, Frog Prince.
You're the best.


  1. What a nice little surprise! How sweet of him.

  2. Your husband sounds like mine. I get no flowers or diamonds, but my kitchen is filled with things he brings home. I always say what you do with all your heart n soul is done with Lots of Love. THANKS!!! for sharing your beautiful gift from your hubby. Geri

  3. That would make me extraordinarily happy too!! We have no good spatulas, and now that i'm cooking/baking regularly i need 'em!!

    Yay Adam :)

  4. Love it. My hubby would score more points bringing home something like that rather than flowers for sure! This shows that he sure knows you.

  5. What a sweet, thoughtful guy you've married!


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