Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My New Favorite... Flour!!

A few weeks back, I picked up a bag of King Arthur's White Whole Wheat flour on sale. 

I am addicted to their whole wheat flour, and as I've started using it more and more, I thought having a "white" flour would be helpful.

Turns out - it's more than helpful! It's wonderful!

I'm using it in everything....
  • to thicken soups, pot pies, 
  • to put into light-colored cookies
  • to use in pancakes/waffles
  • to use in french bread in place of some all-purpose flour
  • to use in muffins
  • to use in fococcia bread
  • to use in apple crisp toppings
  • in pizza dough!

Normally, I just use regular whole wheat flour to thicken our potpie, or soups, but the texture can be a dead giveaway that I used whole wheat.  Now, I can use whole wheat - white whole wheat - without most people knowing!  The texture of white whole wheat is very similar to all-purpose flour!  Love it.

I'm enjoying making recipes like French Bread, healthier by adding white whole wheat in place of most of the all-purpose flour.  This way, the foods still appear "white"!  

I'm also trying recipes that I usually split 50/50 whole wheat/all purpose flour with this white whole wheat.  So far, I'm enjoying the results -- I just need to add a bit more water; the white whole wheat is more absorbent than all-purpose flour, it seems. 

Have you tried white whole wheat flour?  Does anyone other than King Arthur make white whole wheat? 


  1. I LOVE all KAF products! Do you receive their catalog? I love to read it cover to cover!

  2. I also love KAF and their blog! I get a lot of new recipes from there. I haven't tried the white wheat flour yet, but I use their whole wheat flour frequently. I find that the texture of whole wheat baked goods is best with KAF than with other whole wheat flours. I'm glad you posted about this flour; I've been wanting to try it but haven't found out anything about it. Now I'm going to have to buy a bag!

  3. I tried this a few weeks ago too and LOVE it!

  4. I enjoy their products, too and this is also my flour of choice. I use it for everything.

  5. This is my favorite flour also. I use it in everything...we love it! I buy it (in VA) at Wal-Mart for $3.16 a mom in Arkansas can only find it at a health food store for over $7 a bag! She bought several bags of it while she was visiting me.

  6. I've never used KAF (though I've browsed their site/blog!) but we do use a lot of white whole wheat flour (I grind from hard white wheat berries). I agree that it's wonderful, and so easy to substitute for AP flour without so drastically changing the end result! :)

  7. Thanks for the tips to check out their catalog and blog... how could I not have known about this great resource. thanks!

  8. Thanks for the tips. I'll have to search out their white whole wheat flour.

  9. I just bought this same bag and will be using it for the first time tomorrow to bake cookies!

  10. I love this flour too! I feel like it's the secret ingredient for healthy baking. My kids don't even guess it's whole wheat.

  11. I just love KAF :) It's the best! I caught it on sale at Harris Teeter a few weeks ago, 2/$5 and stocked up!


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