Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kitchen Remodel.

Since this blog serves as my virtual kitchen I am excited to announce it has had a remodeling!  

Maddie picked up the rugs, dusted off the cookbooks, cleaned the appliances and rearranged the furniture all to create something new, fun and clean for Finding Joy in My Kitchen!  While we're still doing some final positioning, the kitchen is functional and open for dinner :)  THANK YOU MADDIE.  You have been a blessing to work with on this project!!

I wanted to highlight a couple of new features to Finding Joy in My Kitchen:

(1) We're now on Facebook!  Click the icon under "Connect with Me" to be directed to the facebook fan page.  

(2) The other buttons under "Connect with Me" allow you to subscribe to have posts emailed to you daily or to your RSS feed.   

(3) In case you're curious, Frog Prince and I wrote a short "autobiography" under the "About" page     

(4) I also give you a personal tour of my current kitchen and highlight the must-haves in our pantry.

(5) The biggest change to the blog is that the recipes are now under "Recipe Index".  Here you'll find recipes categorized and photographed for your enjoyment!  Of course, you can always find the perfect recipe for your family based on the ingredients you have in your kitchen by searching through my ingredients list in the left sidebar.

(6) Since much of my inspiration in the kitchen comes from you - I've added a "Cooking Links" page to highlight some of my favorite food bloggers!  

(7) You'll also find a FAQ board -- feel free to take a gander.  If you have more questions for me, you can email me too.  

(8) My recipes {new postings presently} come with a Printer Friendly Option!  This was high on the request list from readers, so I hope you enjoy the printing option.  I will be working on adding the print option to the other 500+ recipes on this site... but it might take me a decade 100 years before they are all ready.

And, because getting a kitchen remodeling is so exciting and makes me want to celebrate ... stay tuned this week for a giveaway coming your way!



    Super impressed. I love it. So well organized and user friendly. Looks like you guys put a lot of work into it.
    And the printer friendly recipes is a HUGE plus!

    Well done, my friend :)

  2. I love it! :) My favorite is the new recipe index--so easy to find, and navigate through! Great job Maddie and SnoWhite!

  3. Great job with your blog! I do appreciate the recipe index...I was wondering how to look up all of your tasty recipes now. Thanks :)

  4. Looks great!! I am so loving it, especially the printer button. Great job!!

  5. I LOVE your new design!!!!! It's amazing!!!

  6. Nice and clean design. I like how easy you've made finding recipes.

  7. So excited for the updates via email - I just signed up :)

  8. SnoWhite,

    I tried to "email" you through your new icon, but it didn't really seem to go anywhere. I'm trying to get my site to have something similar to your Ingredients List on your Finding Joy In My Kitchen Blog. How on earth would I manage to get a Labels List on mine?

    Love the new look!

  9. Love the remodel it looks great, y'all did a good job.


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