Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready for Halloween!?!

Besides all the pumpkin sweet potato recipes we've been cooking up around here lately... you'd never know Halloween is right around the corner at the house of SnoWhite and Frog Prince.

I love all-things fall, but two things make Halloween a tough celebration at our place:
  • (1) Frog Prince is allergic to pumpkins!!  
  • (2) Finding Halloween candy that's allergen friendly is tough!
I really miss carving up a pumpkin and oh... how I miss roasting those pumpkin seeds!  But, I love Frog Prince more, so we've come up with other ways to be festive around Halloween.

Our family has started a tradition -- a Jack-O-Lantern Cake!

Even though we can't carve pumpkins, carving into this pumpkin cake is a real treat.


Yes, this cake has something inside....

Surprise!!  We have our own carved pumpkin.  

Okay -- so it's not really the same as carving up a squash, but it works for us!  This is our pumpkin and nut-allergy friendly Halloween tradition!  We enjoy a slice of this delicious Halloween cake while we hand out allergen-friendly candy at our door.  

Does your family do anything special for Halloween?

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  1. Your pumpkin cake is so cute and it just looks so yummy! I would just take that slice that you have ready to serve. We will be enjoying the little visitors this evening and giving out healthy treats to all.
    Have a fun day!
    Miz Helen

  2. That is a lovely cake - so cute! It looks like it tastes really delicious too. Frankly, I think it's a lot nicer than an actual pumpkin :)

  3. Love the cake AND the surprise in the middle! Thanks for sharing!


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