Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday = Baking Friday

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We cooked Thanksgiving for the first time in our new kitchen and had a great day.  I have lots and lots of yummy food photos and will recap our Thanksgiving in just a few days.

Rather than hitting up the stores today, Frog Prince and I along with my mom and sister {and dad too} had a busy baking day!  We were in the kitchen baking up holiday yummy treats from 11 this morning until 7 tonight. 

Now to officially kick off the Christmas season, we watched the winter parade - the Hollidazle - on TV and are now enjoying Elf for a few hours of relaxation. 

What did you do today?  Are you a Black Friday shopper?  Do you decorate for Christmas?  Eat leftovers and enjoy football?  I'd love to hear how you spend the day after Thanksgiving, and how Thanksgiving was at your place!  



  1. I always like a day of rest and relaxation after Thanksgiving. We will keep the fall decorations up until next week. Then we will start transforming our house into a Christmas wonderland! Christmas cookies will have to be made too. I just love this time of the year!!!

  2. I ran my first ever half marathon yesterday, so I opted for sleeping in over rushing the doors of the mall. :)

    I also turned my Thanksgiving leftovers into an amazing huge salad for lunch this afternoon. It was a wonderful way to enjoy the leftovers, but still gets lots of fresh veggies!

  3. Rode with my Sweetie on a quick business call, then stopped by Walmart. It was late morning then and all those shoppers were back home sleeping! LOL Then we stopped by Belks and I found a steal of a deal on a pair of boots I've been hunting new boots for 2 years! Santa came 'early'! ;-) A little hot tub time, relaxing and eating leftovers this evening. So what did you bake up???

  4. I made Thanksgiving dinner for my family for the first time this year, I think it went well, my family at least kept complimenting me. Friday I had a plan to not to anything I didn't want to do, so I sat around pretty much all day in my pj's and watched Christmas movies and only cleaned and cooked in neccesity, but around 4:00 my daughter decided she wanted to put up the tree so I told her to go for it and she did a great job then we decorated the rest of the house and then I went lazy again and watched tv the rest of the night and we ate leftovers for dinner, yep exciting I know but hey it was fun. I was going to make your gingerbread muffins yesterday morning but I didn't have one of the ingredients so I didn't but I will probably go to the store today and make them for breakfast tomorrow morning. I love your website and I have tried several of your recipes, everything had been delish. Thanks for sharing. have a blessed day.


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