Monday, June 11, 2012

Chicken Brats & Sausages

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Gold ‘n Plump to see if I wanted to review their new line of Chicken sausages and brats.  It’s not often that I do a product review, since I (a) have to know the product is free of tree nuts and (b) want to find local, healthy products that work for our family.  This one fit the bill. 

Growing up in Minnesota, the Gold ‘n Plump brand of chicken is a familiar one to me – as they are a Minnesota company.  I appreciate the way they farm:

  • Farmers are local & independent {and have been since the company started},
  • Farmers use modern, climate-controlled barns,
  • All barns are cage free, and they are an  
  • Environmentally friendly company!

While 100% organic chicken is the ideal, the reality is that sometimes you have to do the best with what you have and where you are at the moment.  We certainly enjoy the Gold ‘n Plump chicken – esp. their natural line of chicken products.  They also have a new line “Just Bare” chicken, that is also excellent.  So, when we had the chance to sample their new chicken sausages, this was a product I was excited to try. 

We first sampled their Apple & Maple Breakfast Chicken Sausages – served them alongside Martha’s Buttermilk Pancakes, and fresh fruit. 

The flavor was subtle, but wonderful. 

We cooked them according to the package directions – using a frying pan.  However, we’ll have to work on perfecting the cooking technique, as they did not cook as directed! 

Next, we tried the Chicken Brats & the Hot Italian Chicken Sausages for a family BBQ. 

We boiled the chicken brats in beer, just like we do with all our brats, for a comparison. 

We were hoping they’d be great because regular brats have over 22 grams of fat & these clock in at 7 grams.  A good tasting brat that is good for you too!?  I’m in.   

The result: 4 out of 4 family members approved!

My dad took one bite of the Hot Italian Sausages and said “these have some kick!”, and my husband polished off two of them. 

My mom and I agreed the brats were fantastic!  Just as a brat should be – from the texture to the flavor, and wonderful boiled in beer.  They actually remind me of brats, rather than other chicken sausages which have more of a hotdog consistency. 

Thanks, Gold ‘n Plump for allowing us to sample these new products!  We’ll certainly enjoy these again before the summer ends. 

Gold ‘n Plump sent me packages of their new chicken sausage & brat line to sample.  All opinions and review thoughts are my own. 


  1. I reviewed these too and absolutely LOVED them!!

  2. Are these available in stores already? I would love to try them for my family.

    1. Try Target - they carry Gold 'n Plump brands nearly nationwide. Our local grocers do too, but Gold 'n Plump may not be a brand that your local stores carry. So, if you have a Target near you, I would start there. You could also contact Gold 'n Plump to see where they sell them near you.


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