Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Tips for Finding a Good Recipe

Cookbooks galore. 

Internet recipe sites.

Food blogs


Sometimes it can be overwhelming to find a good recipe. 

Here are my Top 3 Tips for Finding a Good Recipe:

  1. Look for ingredients your family enjoys.
  2. Look for ingredients you regularly cook with, but perhaps are used in a different way.
  3. Look for strong reviews or comments of people who have actually made the recipe with success

When I look at recipes online, I go by these three item all the time.  If there are recipes that use ingredients we don’t regularly have on hand, or ingredients that we don’t like, that’s not going to be a recipe for us. 

I might initially find a recipe that looks appealing based on a photo, but if the comments only consist of “oh, that looks great!” – and the ingredient list doesn’t match up to what we would typically cook with, I am hesitant to give it a try. 

What about you, how do you find a good recipe? 


  1. Honestly, I pin stuff that you post mostly! My family loves your recipes. By the way, your cookbook collection looks great. You need to do a post on what you have in your collection. Please? :-)

    1. Thanks, Cherie. You just made my day.

      I'll be honest, my cookbook collection isn't that great -- most of my recipes come from blogs :) But, I'll plan to do a summer post on that!

  2. I go by the ingredient list.

    Most recipes have long lists of comments that are just "O that looks good". It would be more helpful if people who actually made the dish would comment.

  3. Good tips. When I'm combing the internet or cookbooks, I look for seasonal ingredients cooked in a new way. I guess I'm in the hunt for something unique to us most times...usually with 1 or 2 unfamiliar ingredients. But you're right; I have a running list of things we don't really love that make me gloss over a recipe immediately when I see them in the ingredients list. I also always give the cooking directions a read through...having cooked from scratch for several years now, I can almost visualize the process/taste by reading through it and can generally predict if we're going to like it or not :)


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