Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eating Well {& Cheap} on Vacation–Part 1

The key to eating well {& cheap} on vacation is to plan ahead.  That’s what we’re talking about during Part 1 of our series


Question 1: Are you driving or flying?

This question, obviously, has big implications on your vacation.  If you are flying, much of your vacation food planning will need to be done from afar, but it can be done!  Driving (and this will be the focus of our series) allows for increased flexibility to help you save money on food. 

Question 2: Where to stay?

If possible, find a place to stay that has a full kitchen, or at least a kitchenette.  This will enable you to make most of your meals at “home”.  Renting a cabin has worked well for our group over the last two years, we’ve found excellent deals through Vacation Rental By Owner.  

Question 3: How Many Days?

This question will help you to know how many breakfasts, lunches & dinners you will need to plan and prepare for; 1-2 days requires different prep than 6-7 days!  As you make this decision, think about how many meals you’ll want to eat “out” vs. “in”. 

Question 4: Who’s Coming & What are their Dietary Needs? 

How many people will be on your vacation?  Do any have dietary needs?  In our group, we had a nut allergy (that would be me), a vegetarian and plenty of omnivores.  Plus 2 babies.  This influences your menu planning and may require thinking outside the box for meal ideas. 

Question 5: What are we Doing? 

Even if you are a go-with-the-flow vacation family, it’s helpful to think about your vacation style.  Will there be days when you’ll be away from “home” all day long?  If so, take note!  You’ll want to plan for picnic lunch items if you have all-day excursions. 

How do you plan ahead?  Is there anything that you take into consideration that really helps when it comes to food – eating well and eating cheaply?  Do tell! 

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  1. Love using VRBO! I don't think we could travel without having a home with a kitchen. It would just be too expensive!


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