Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I've never participated in a Kitchen Tip Tuesday before, mainly because I have more to learn than contribute! But, I did come up with what I think is a great kitchen tip that I want to share today. Maybe some of you know other ways to deal with this problem, but I tried this over the weekend and it worked beautifully!

Do any of you struggle with cutting sweet potatoes?!?!

I have tried a variety of different knives, but I always end up with a sore hand and having nearly avoiding cutting my fingers off after attempting to slice sweet potatoes, especially for sweet potato fries -- some we love around here.

My solution? No fancy kitchen tools here...

Simply microwave the potato, depending on the size, for 1-2 minutes. Just enough to take some of the hardness out of the sweet potato... it makes cutting them much, much easier.

Don't cook them so long that they're cooked (i.e., like a butter knife through butter) -- that doesn't work for fries, but just enough to make cutting them manageable!!!

Any other tips for cutting sweet potatoes into fries? I'm all ears.


  1. Nice .... I always get so frustrated. I am defnitely going to do this. I also always have trouble figuring out how to cut them so they're the right size. I always end up with a bunch of obscure shapes and sizes. But they still taste good. I think I'm going to make them tonight.

  2. Thanks for that tip!! I had pretty much given up for the same reasons you listed. I'll definitely give this a try, since sweet potatoes are one of my daughter's favorite foods!

  3. thanks for that great idea I will try it

  4. Thanks for the great tip - I hadn't thought of doing this! I'll definitely try it the next time I make sweet potato fries.

  5. Great tip - hadn't thought of trying that! Will definitely use this tip the next time I make sweet potato fries!

  6. that's a great idea! thanks. I always worry about cutting my finger off too since I'm applying so much force to try to get through the potato!

  7. I'll be trying this, too!

    Great tip for when my girls cook. I get nervous when they want to cut something like sweet potatoes, I'm afraid they'll slip.

  8. You are so smart! What a great solution..I love it!

  9. I'm responding from the post you put on my page about the strawberry granitas, I dont know how to find an email address, so im leaving a comment. Yes, It works with Lemons, Limes, and Strawberrys .. I don't know for sure but I bet it will work with mango and pomagrante? When I try those I will post about it. Ive made lemon before, A little harder to make but just as good!Thanks for stopping by my page, please come again!

  10. great tip, thanks!

    my email is matthollycart@gmail.com

  11. I've never made sweet potato fries before.
    I love baked sweet potatoes, so I may have to try this. Thanks!

  12. WOW! I always dread cutting the potatoes because of this, but we love us some sweet potato fries. Thanks!!

  13. GREAT TIP!


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