Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Summer means one thing at our place... ICE CREAM SEASON! We eat ice cream year round, but I feel justified to enjoy it more when it's not -30! We make almost all of our ice cream in our handy-dandy ice cream maker. Our ice cream maker makes about 1.5 quarts of ice cream -- which is just perfect for us.

With the leftovers, we freeze them in the Ziploc Twist and Lock 2 C containers.

This works really well for us because:
  • It keeps our ice cream fresh because we're only thawing a smaller container of ice cream as we're waiting to scoop the ice cream into our dishes.
  • The containers stack great in the freezer, and allow us to empty containers out of the freezer when we finish a couple cups, which helps us save precious freezer space.
  • We can have multiple kinds of ice cream in the freezer at any one given moment....! Right now we have vanilla, cherry and orange sherbert!

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  1. I still haven't decided about whether or not to buy one but you are really convincing me.

  2. I have the same one! I'm always looking for really good recipes though.

    And the twist and lock containers - I love them but did I think about using them for ice cream? No but I will now. thanks for a great idea.

  3. Nothing beats homemade ice cream. What a great tip to store in the Ziploc containers. Mmm..Orange Sherbet?! I need that recipe. :)

  4. We love homemade ice cream at our house too!

  5. Ice cream doesn't last long enough in this house to even need a container like that. LOL!

  6. what a great idea! TFS! What recipes for ice cream do you have up your sleeve?

  7. heheeh yeah ice cream just dont last long enough to freeze any left overs, especially not home made ice cream...great idea though..

  8. We use sour cream and butter tubs that are the same size. They are 2 C. I use masking tape and a sharpie for labeling because my hubbie won't eat it unless he knows exactly what it is.


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