Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where does she do all this cooking?

Following up on an earlier post about my kitchen essentials, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to my very first kitchen.


This is where we cooked all our meals for the first three years of our marriage.

Yep, it fits within one camera view range. My grandma made the rug. :) And the closet door leads to a HUGE pantry (one of the big perks of this tiny kitchen).

Turning to the left, you see a little bit of counter space, our sink (pardon the breakfast dishes), the microwave (with a little bit of our tea collection on the top), and our "breakfast" bar -- which is where my computer sits most often while cooking.

Here's a view from the pantry...

On the other side of the kitchen, we have or stove and another small fraction of counter space.

Again, looking from the pantry...

And, folks. That's it.

There are two things that I've learned in this kitchen:

1) What I would love to have in the next one!


2) You can still cook from scratch and cook healthy meals for your family from a tiny space :) Plus, when Frog Prince and I both cook together, we get to enjoy some quality togetherness in our cozy kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed the look around!

Want to know what's in my kitchen ... check out my post on kitchen essentials.  


  1. Holy Crow I will not complain about my kitchen again (ok not for the next hour or so).

    My kitchen is the "hub" of all walk throughs an out to the outside world so although its not tiny it doesn't have much "space" that isn't full of traffic......but holy moses your kitchen is tiny! I wish I had a pantry that wasn't a converted tiny closet - but that's for the next kitchen

  2. It's not the kitchen, it's the love and passion of the cook that counts.....

  3. So cool! I've been working on a post similar to this for a while. I've got bits and pieces of it ready, just need to snap a few more photos! I love seeing where you create all those delightful meals!

  4. Oh I remember those days in a kitchen like that! :) Granted my current kitchen isn't much bigger than that but it works to provide for my family. :)

    Thanks for sharing! Thanks for stopping by too! Oh I put you in my sidebar because I didn't want to miss all your yummy recipes! :)

  5. Thanks for showing your kitchen, mine is a bit bigger but galley style and it's nice to know I can do it in my kitchen :)

  6. Wow! My mom's kitchen is almost identical to yours! Unfortunately, she only cooks Marie Callendar frozen dinners anymore, though.

  7. I have an even smaller kicthen and the first bad thing is that me and my husband cannot cook in the same time in it, we just cannot fit, and second, that it is a really old kitchen, no floors, bad sink and a broken window that will never open...and still we manage to cook every single day. I don't complain, i know there are people who don't even have a roof, i just want to say that YOU CAN COOK WHEEREVR YOU ARE!!!



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