Thursday, January 28, 2010

DIY: Breakfast Sandwiches

Now that you know how to make English Muffins, the logical next step is to make breakfast sandwiches!

These are super easy to put together, and a nice change from granola or muffins for breakfast.

Breakfast Sandwiches

1-2 English muffins per person (depending on the size of your muffins)
1 breakfast sausage round per sandwich
1 egg, seasoned with pepper
1 thin slice of cheese per sandwich (we love extra sharp cheddar!)

First, scramble up your egg and cook in a frying pan like you're making a fried egg sandwich.

Meanwhile, toast your English muffins.

Then, prepare the sausage (or, you could also use bacon).

Assemble the sausage, and cheese on your toasted muffin. Then, add the fried egg. Divide the fried egg evenly into sections equal to the number of sandwiches you make. We were able to get 4 sandwiches (our muffins were small) from one egg.

If desired, melt the cheese in the toaster oven or microwave.


Two notes of interest:

1) If you make these the same day as you make the muffins, just use the griddle for the eggs (and to make the sausage).

2) If you wish to have an easy-to-make breakfast, pre-cook the sausage or bacon and keep in the freezer along with the sliced English muffins.  Then, for breakfast, simply toast, warm, fry an egg and you have breakfast.


  1. You can make up the whole sandwich, including with the egg and stick them in the freezer! I have done this many times with either english muffins or biscuits. My hubby and 2 sons love to pull them from the freezer, microwave for 30-40 sec. and enjoy for a quick breakfast or morning snack. :)

    Follow the link for my "version"....

  2. I do this... I make biscuits, then put either sausage or bacon with cheese and an egg and wrap them separately in plastic wrap and freeze them. Hubby pulls them out and takes them to work for breakfast. Throw in the microwave for 1 min and they're ready to go!

  3. Yes, on to the sandwiches. We used to make egg sandwiches on them a lot. Also, used them open face. Slather on some cottage cheese, a bit of green onion if you have it, some bits of bacon or sandwhich meat (or skip), tomato sauce (or catsup in a pinch) and cover with a slice of cheese and broil til just starting to brown. Delicious.

    I linked your brownie recipe on my blog today!

  4. Yummo! I love breakfast sandwiches.

  5. what, no 3 tablespoons of salt???

    Seriously better and without all the junk those guys add... even a little healthy

  6. Breakfast sandwiches are the best! Especially on homemade english muffins.

  7. I love eating breakfast for dinner - I may do this on a weeknight. :)

  8. These really look amazing. I love breakfast sandwiches. I can't wait to give these a try. Have a wonderful day.


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