Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Favorites

Let's Dish

Coping with Frugality

The Little Brown House

One Crazy Cookie

What Megan's Making

Our Best Bites

Our Best Bites

Jenn's Food Journey

A Bit Bloggish

My Kitchen Cafe

Inside-Out English Muffin Grilled Cheese

Cinnamon Swirl Bread
My Life as a Domestic Nerd



  1. Wonderfully yummy Friday Favorites! So fun to see that I too have book-marked many of the same recipes that you have choosen through out my week of blog browsing....:-) Happy Weeekend SnoWhite!

  2. Not only are your Friday finds so yummy, they introduce me to new blogs too! Thank you :) - Thanks for including my chicken too!

  3. I tagged you in a meme today.

  4. yum yum yum! So many exciting recipes!

  5. I love your Friday Favorites section (and thanks for including me!) Can't wait to check the rest of them out. Well, the ones I haven't already bookmarked that is :)

  6. The recipes you choose always sound so good. At least one recipe calls for crescent rolls. Do you use the ones in the blue can, or do you use your recipe for crescent rolls to make the dough?

  7. @ Julia --

    I make my own -- the recipe is quick and delicious:


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