Saturday, March 5, 2011

Martha's Buttermilk Pancakes

I've never tried a Martha Stewart Recipe before.  But, the reviews associated with her buttermilk pancake recipe were pretty strong, so I decided to give it a go.

We love our traditional buttermilk pancake recipe, but I'm still searching for one that mimics the pancake houses and Perkins.  This recipe doesn't match what I was looking for, but it's a tasty recipe for sure.

What's better... this recipe works for both waffles and pancakes {score!} and makes enough batter to make a dozen 3 inch pancakes and 4 Belgian-sized waffles.  

Martha's Buttermilk Pancakes - Adapted from Martha Stewart

1 C all purpose flour
1 C whole wheat flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 1/2 T sugar
2 eggs
3 C buttermilk
1 T olive oil


Begin by mixing together the sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and flours in a large bowl.

Lightly beat the two eggs (I was lazy and didn't want to dirty another bowl, so I used the measuring cup!).

Add the eggs to the dry ingredients.

Then, add the buttermilk and olive oil (or melted butter!).

Whisk to combine.  

Batter should be pretty smooth, although there will be some clumps.  Try not to over mix.  

Using a ladle, pour the batter onto a hot griddle (350 degrees).  Space the pancakes about 2 inches apart because they will spread -- especially if you use a buttermilk substitute rather than real buttermilk.  

Cook until bubbles form around the edges; then flip and cook until lightly browned.  I love the brown coloration from the buttermilk.  Yum, yum.  

If you wish to make waffles, ladle the batter into a greased waffle maker.  Make according to your waffle maker's directions, and carefully remove.  I found I need a good greasing in the waffle maker and to slowly and carefully re-open the lid after making the waffle in order to get the waffles out in one piece; but they taste delightful!  

Serve with maple syrup or fresh fruit, or a berry sauce.  

The leftovers, especially pancakes, freeze well.


  1. Love those pancakes! At first glance, I saw an "S"...should be called Superman pancakes. :)

  2. I will have to try these. I am still looking for a great waffle recipe. Had one once that made the best waffles and then of course could never find it.

  3. Perkins has the best pancakes on the planet! If you find the recipe for those, let me know!

  4. Hi Sno White,
    These are great looking pancakes. We love pancakes on the week end sometimes. Thank you for sharing and have a great week end!

  5. Love your step-by-step photos. And the finished product looks SUPER too.

  6. those look great! I searched forever for a homemade pancake recipe I could love and finally found it, a Southern Living recipe:
    Not sure if it's YOUR dream pancake, but sure is mine...and I've eaten many a "good but not it" pancake through the years. ;)

  7. I actually agree with you. I tried this same recipe and while I thought they tasted great they weren't quite what I was looking for. I found that mine came out too thin for my liking. I'm gonna try your fluffy apple cinnamon pancakes next.

  8. thanks for sharing, these sound worth trying! I like how you adapt your recipes to use whole wheat or white wheat...much healthier that way!


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