Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fruit Kabobs

For Easter, my mom made us a special treat -- fruit kabobs that you self assemble from this adorable watermelon fruit basket!  

It was a fun afternoon treat to enjoy the skewers filled with a variety of fresh fruit.  Something different for a change -- would be a hit at a party or even for a fun snack with kids (or adults who happen to be big kids).  

Fruit Kabobs

Cantaloup balls
Other fruit as desired
Wooden skewers

Dice all the fruit into large 1-2 inch cubes.  Strawberries and grapes likely don't need any other prep than to be taken off of the stems and for strawberries, removing the tops.  

Place all the fruit in a large bowl.  If desired, carve out a basket from a personal-sized watermelon.  Then, allow each person to build their own kabob.  

Serve fresh and enjoy!


  1. Already made fruit kabobs might be a nice way to serve fruit at a party! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Summer is at its peak here...and these kababs looks perfect.

  3. what a great idea, I have to do this for my daughter 3 year birthday party. Great idea.

  4. What a cute little basket! I love this idea...and that fruit looks absolutely delicious!!


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