Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 Things I am Thankful For

1. All of you; this blog wouldn’t be nearly as fun without all of you!  Getting to know you has been a treat and I am humbled by the opportunity I have to help you find JOY in your kitchen.

2. Food.  Seriously – so many people don’t have access to good, healthy foods, and we have an abundance and are able to make choices, even, about what we eat.  That is a blessing that I thank God for.   

3. God. Without Him, my life would be meaningless & death would have the final say.  Praise Jesus that He bore the cross and paid for my sins. 

4. Family. Both near & far are a blessing, and I’m thankful that God chose me for them, and them for me!  

5. Friends. I’m so thankful we don’t walk this road alone, rather, that God has given us friends to share the journey and spur us on toward Christ. 

6. Frog Prince. Every day with him is a blessing, and I take none for granted. He is an amazing man of God, and I am so thankful I get to do life with him.  He selflessly serves our family, works hard & diligently to provide for us, and chooses to love me every day. 

7. Students. God has blessed me with an incredible group of Christ-followers to teach, mentor and love-on this fall; I could not be more thankful for them this year. 

8. Colleagues. I love working day in and day out with colleagues who listen, care, do everything to the glory of God and most of all, who love the Lord. 

9. Sister.  My sister is an amazing gift to me and I am thankful that she and I were chosen to have a bond that no other can understand.    

10. Bible study friends. These men & women of God are incredible, and I find it hard to believe that two years ago, we were just beginning our friendship.  I’m so thankful for their encouragement and willingness to do life together. 

11. Sunshine. The beautiful burning star in the sky, that can make a grey day seem like a thing of the past. 

12. God’s creation. The world God made is incredible, the intricacies, the stunning beauty and the way it reveals Him to the nations is fascinating.  Beyond that, I’m thankful I get to study it and teach others about it as my calling in life. 

13. Long walks. There is nothing better than a long walk with my honey. 

14. Snowflakes. We saw a few snowflakes this month, and I am always amazed at the beauty a blanket of white can bring to a brown landscape.  Not only that, but seeing those unique snowflakes reminds me of God’s thoughtfulness. 

15. Colored leaves. Stunning.  Fall displays some of God’s coolest colors spread across the horizon; it’s a season I look forward to each year.  I’m thankful I live in a place where I have the chance to see the seasons change & the leaves change color. 

16. Warm temperatures. The weather this week has been amazing, and I so appreciate warmer temperatures that allow me to walk along the lake at lunch, or in our neighborhood after work. 

17. Photosynthesis.  What can I say, without it, we could not live.  Praise God for how He uses little plant cells to create glucose from nothing more than CO2, sunlight and water.  Amazing. 

18. Shelter. And, not only shelter, but a beautiful place to call home. 

19. Heat. That when it’s cold, we can turn on our furnace; something so many others are not able to do. 

10. Provision. We have more than we could ever need, and all our basic needs are meet.  Praise God. 

21. Blessings. Above and beyond what we need, God pours out His richest blessings – they may be material things, or people, words spoken or words on a page; regardless, I am thankful for all the blessings. 

22. God’s guidance & purpose for my life.  As I look back over my life, it is clear to me that God has been guiding me every step of the way; the experiences I’ve had, the joys and the sorrows, all prepared me for where I am right now. I am so thankful for God’s guidance. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’ll be back next week with more fun recipes.  Until then – have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday. 


  1. I'm thankful, too. For much of the same things you are. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. SnoWhite, I am VERY thankful to know about your blog and grateful for all the healthy, delicious recipes you share with us! I hosted my first Thanksgiving yesterday for my parents-in-law and grandparents-in-law. I never cooked a turkey before. Suffice it to say, I was a bit worried! The pressure was on! However, I have been a loyal follower of yours for awhile now and thought you would be able to help me through it. The result? Everything was DELICIOUS! Almost every dish I served came from your blog: the pies, the turkey & gravy, the green bean casserole, the vanilla ice cream, the wild rice stuffing. They were all a huge hit! I really appreciated the turkey directions most of all. There are several food blogs that I follow, but yours is the one I always return to and find the most helpful & consistently successful. But even better than your recipes is your faithful witness to Christ and your willingness to give Him the glory and honor. God bless you & your family! Thanks so much for everything!!!

  3. Such a sweet post! I love all the nature mentions; I think we are like minded in that way.
    The Lord indeed is good.


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