Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Few New Things

Thanks for your feedback this week! I was happy to hear that you can find the recipes you're looking for on the blog.

I've added some buttons on the right sidebar for you to find out about me and also look at recipes by meal choice. I'll be working on cleaning up the categories/labels over the next couple of days, so thank you for your patience!

Up later .... Garden Veggie Lasagna (since it finally cooled off!).


  1. New page looks great!
    I love your recipes on one side, they are easy to see and scroll through, so I'm glad you kept it like that. Thanks for all the great recipes.
    I'm trying out your french bread as we speak. I borrowed a bread machine from a friend for a couple of weeks to see if I might want to put it on my Christmas list.

  2. I love the new look, and the buttons are super cute!
    I can't stop making those mint oreo crunches. And everyone in my family thanks you!

  3. I LOVE your new look!!! It's awesome! The buttons are really neat!

  4. Love the new look!! Great job!


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