Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Absolutely easy to make, and extra delicious!

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

1 recipe, vanilla ice cream
~ 15 - 30 mini balls of cookie dough

Start the ice cream maker, according to manufacturers directions.  After ice cream has "made" for about 15 minutes, shape cookie dough into small little balls.

Drop the little cookie dough balls into the ice cream maker, and allow the ice cream to continue making for an additional 5-10 minutes, until the ice cream reaches a soft-serve consistency.

Scoop ice cream into freezer-friendly containers, and allow it to harden.  Or, just eat a "soft-serve" version right away. 

Then we "All Scream for Ice Cream!"


  1. Oh how good this looks, now I want ice cream !!

  2. Cookie dough is definitely my favorite ice cream flavor. You are reminding me how much I NEED to get an ice cream maker! I tried asking for one for my brother's birthday last year but no one was really thrilled with that idea. Maybe I can convince my parents that Halloween is a rightful occasion...

  3. That really does look mind maddeningly good, and I'm sure it's low-cal. Right? Have a great day, you temptress :-).

  4. Just wanted to share that I see ice cream makers at Goodwill ALL the time. I just bought mine for $3.99 yesterday - it had no box or manual, but had the 4 necessary parts. I just Googled the make & model, and wah-lah, manual on .pdf. Super frugal! =)


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