Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trivia Answers

Thanksgiving quiz answers served up:

1) What year was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?


2) Name at least one Native American who helped the Pilgrims survive their first year.

Squanto and Samoset

3) What foods that are traditionally part of our Thanksgiving meals were NOT eaten at the first Thanksgiving?

Many of the foods we eat today (e.g., rolls, pie, dressing) were NOT present at the first Thanksgiving because there was no flour available at the time of the celebration. In addition, the Pilgrims may not have even had a turkey -- but had other fowl and/or venison. Fish and seafood were also on the menu.

4) When did the US first celebrate Thanksgiving as a country? When did it become a federal holiday?

The first Thanksgiving for the entire US was in 1789. It was first celebrated by various states of different dates in 1855. Abe Lincoln set the holiday as the last Thursday in November in 1863. It was later declared a federal holiday in 1941.

5) When do our Canadian friends to the north celebrate Thanksgiving?

The second Monday in October.

6) Who was the woman largely responsible for the establishment of Thanksgiving as a federal holiday in the US?

Sarah Josepha Hale was the woman who wrote letters and put ads in magazines/newspapers urging the politicians to declare a day to celebrate Thanksgiving as an entire country. She felt it was essential for the country to be united in celebrating Thanksgiving on the same day.

7) Which president moved the Thanksgiving holiday to the 3rd Thursday in November? Why did he make this switch?

F.D. Roosevelt moved the Thanksgiving holiday from the last Thursday in November to the 3rd Thursday for economic reasons -- the aim: boost the sales for the Christmas shopping season by making the Christmas shopping season one week longer.

8) Which two American football teams play on Thanksgiving day?

Detroit Lions
Dallas Cowboys

9) Which president began than annual Thanksgiving eve turkey pardon? What happens to the pardoned turkey?

Harry Truman is believed to have started the pardon of at least one turkey each Thanksgiving. The turkey lives the rest of it's life at a petting zoo in Virginia, or at Disney, ... sometimes, they even make the Macy's parade.

10) From 2003-2008, the US public helped name the pardoned turkeys. Name at least 1 turkey that has been pardoned since 2003.

Courage - 2009 (Obama only pardoned 1 turkey)
Pumpkin and Pecan - 2008
May and Flower - 2007
Flyer and Fryer - 2006
Marshmallow and Yam - 2005
Biscuits and Gravy - 2004
Stars and Stripes - 2003

11) According the a 1998 pole, what percentage of American families say a prayer of Thanksgiving before eating their feast?

64% of Americans say a prayer before enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.

12) Name three "American" traditions that take place on Thanksgiving.

The official start of the Christmas music season!

13) Which NFL team hosted the first Thanksgiving day game? In what year was this game hosted?

The Detroit Lions; 1934

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; 
with singing lips my mouth will praise you.
Psalm 63:5

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