Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey-Day Trivia

We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to present you with a little quiz about Thanksgiving!

Before you get bogged down by turkey and stuffing, and pie, oh my! take a moment and see how much you know about our Thanksgiving....

1) What year was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

2) Name at least one Native American who helped the Pilgrims survive their first year.

3) What foods that are traditionally part of our Thanksgiving meals were NOT eaten at the first Thanksgiving?

4) When did the US first celebrate Thanksgiving as a country? When did it become a federal holiday?

5) When do our Canadian friends to the north celebrate Thanksgiving?

6) Who was the woman largely responsible for the establishment of Thanksgiving as a federal holiday in the US?

7) Which president moved the Thanksgiving holiday to the 3rd Thursday in November? Why did he make this switch?

8) Which two American football teams play on Thanksgiving day?

9) Which president began than annual Thanksgiving eve turkey pardon? What happens to the pardoned turkey?

10) Since 2003, the US public has played a role in the annual turkey pardon. Name at least 1 turkey that has been pardoned since 2003.

11) According the a 1998 pole, what percentage of American families say a prayer of Thanksgiving before eating their feast?

12) Name three "American" traditions that take place on Thanksgiving.

13) Which NFL team hosted the first Thanksgiving day game? In what year was this game hosted?

Answers will be posted on Thanksgiving day (no, I won't be online, but automatic posting is brilliant. Thanks, Google. What was my life like before you?), so you can share your newly-acquired knowledge with your friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We have so much to be thankful for, and such a great One to be Thankful to!!

I'll be back on Black Friday (because I won't be going shopping) with details about how my first experience cooking a turkey turned out :)


  1. Thanks for all the sweet potato recipes you submitted for my recipe swap! I was wondering if you would be willing/have the time to write a blog post highlighting your favorites and I could just link to that post then? I think you did something similar with the "zucchini" recipe swap theme, and it was GREAT! :) Thanks for your time -- and by the way, I really enjoy your blog with its variety and photos of everything! :) I've been reading ever since I first "found" you through the recipe swap at my site. :)

    Tammy L from

  2. Lovely. Me and my non-American status are going to give this quiz a try. Please do not expect much. In fact, expect nothing at all. Then if I get any right, we will all be very pleased.

    1. 1653

    2. Pocahontas

    3. Pie and stuffing. And perhaps even the turkey itself?

    4. 1825 and 1829

    5. Whoo hoo -- one I can actually answer with confidence. Your Canadian friends to the North celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. Do I get bonus points if I explain why our Thanksgiving is different than yours?

    6. I'm going with Pocahontas again

    7. George Washington. Because there was no long weekend in November (ha - that's why we created "Family Day" in February. Seems like a perfectly good explanation to me)

    8. I'm not sure I even know the name of two NFL teams ... Hmm ... The Dallas Cowboys and the Boston Bruins ... what? wrong sport?

    9. JFK. The pardoned turkey does not get eaten.

    10. Umm .. you folks name your turkeys? I'm going to go with Tommy Turkey.

    11. 72.65% (I'm so great with stats, remember?)

    12. Eat so much food that you have to undo the top button of your pants or put on stretchy pants, watch football, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    13. The Dallas Cowboys (do you see a trend here?) in 1986.

    I'm sure you are very impressed with my answers.

  3. thanksgiving season has completely slip my mind because we don't celebrate that here. anyhow, i'm praising God along with you for everything He has done and still doing in my life. He is good!

    God bless you, snowhite!

  4. I simply cannot believe that this is your first experience cooking a turkey! You are such a talented cook, though, so I am sure it will turn out beautifully!


    One thing I am thankful this year is for blogs. Yours especially has given me many new recipes that my family likes!

  5. Have a wonderful holiday. My crystal ball tells me your turkey will be delicious. Blessings to you and those you love...Mary

  6. I love the cute pilgrims. They're so adorable and a wonderful reminder to be praising God this week and always. :)


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