Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meaningful Christmas Gifts

In addition to giving food for Christmas, I often give people recipes.

I love hand writing out recipes on fun recipe cards, tying them up with twine and wrapping them as gifts for dear friends.

In my experience, tried and true recipes that are passed on from person to person are meaningful, and wonderful gifts. Wedding showers/weddings (think romantic date-night dishes), birthdays, Christmas gifts, and even baby showers (think, make ahead, easy freezer meals) are occasions where recipes accompany gifts.

If you're looking for something special to tuck in with your gifts this season, think recipes. Find those one or two family favorites and tuck them in a stocking, or inside a Christmas card.

If you have a family with young kids on your list, consider this e-book:

Kid Friendly Covers

This ebook filled with 49 kid-friendly recipes; easy to make and enjoyed by little people all over the blogsphere.

There are:
  • 13 main dishes
  • 5 side dishes
  • 7 breads, quick breads, and muffins
  • 10 desserts
  • 14 recipes that are A Whole Lot of Fun!
The "Whole Lot of Fun" section has really neat recipes like homemade lollipops, Christmas beverages, homemade playdough, chewy granola bars, and other delicious goodies that kids can make!

What's even better, 100% of your donation for the ebook will go right to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Yep, this Kid-Friendly Recipe ebook was compiled by Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in an effort to end childhood cancer. Amy and her husband completed a walk for the St. Jude kids earlier this fall, and the ebook was part of how they raised money for St. Jude. 100% of your donation for the ebook will go right to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

As you think about including a recipe with your Christmas gifts this year, consider helping to end childhood cancer by donating money to St. Jude by the purchase of this Kid-Friendly Recipe ebook.

Stop over to Amy's site to learn more and also to purchase the ebook.


  1. I am all about giving food to people but hadn't thought of giving recipes as well. What a great idea! Encouraging people to produce home-cooked meals is like helping them help themselves. The gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.

  2. Nice idea. Everybody loves a handwritten recipe, but not many take the time to write one out--just print off the internet, you know. When it is handwritten it also helps you to remember the person who shared it with us! I love the recipes in my mother's handwriting ...part of my heritage!

  3. Great idea! This year, I made a book for my mom with all of our Christmas baking recipes in it. I'm actually just heading out to Walmart right now to get the pictures for it :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this book with your readers! Someone already donated. We were able to meet some of the families that have children currently in the care of St. Jude and I can say without reservation that the children and the family not only get top-knotch medical care but also get tons of love.

    Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten Free


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