Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life with a nut allergy.

I have a severe allergy to nuts.  Tree nuts, to be exact.

And, I'm not alone.  

Through my blogging experience, I've met a handful of folks who also have nut allergies in their families.  One of those women is Lynn.  Lynn herself has food allergies to gluten, but her daughter was recently diagnosed as having a nut allergy.  She has designated a part of her blog "Lynn's Recipe Adventures" as devoted to allergy-friendly recipes.  

Together, Lynn and I are going to be sharing our experiences with nut allergies.  Over the next six weeks, each Wednesday we'll be tackling issues like:

  • What is a nut allergy?  How does an allergy differ from an intolerance?
  • What can I eat when I have a nut allergy?
  • Adjusting to a life with nut allergies
  • How can I have a "normal" social life when I have a nut allergy?
  • What?!? You want to cook for me?  What to do if one of your dinner guests has a nut allergy.  
  • Nut allergies and kids
While we recognize that this series will not appeal to all our readers, we wanted to share it with you because chances are, you know someone with an allergy, maybe even a nut allergy.  

I do hope you'll join us as Lynn and I share just two of many perspectives on the challenges associated with nut allergies!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, nor do I pretend to be one on this blog.  I am just a girl, living with a nut allergy who wants to share her journey with you.  While all the recipes on this blog are nut-free, be sure to read the labels of your ingredients to ensure they too are safe for a nut-allergic person.  


  1. I'm with you! I'm allergic to peanuts AND nuts. I'll definitely be reading your upcoming posts!

  2. My son is allergic to gluten, dairy and peanuts. I have a niece and nephew also allergic to peanuts (my step-siblings' kids so not blood related.) Chances are everyone knows someone who's allergic to some kind of nut. My son's best friend is allergic to pistachios and cashews. Any and all info you can give to educate people would be very much appreciated!! :D I think it's a stellar idea!!

  3. That's a great idea. I am allergic to onions (yes, it really exists, I love them, they hate me - I have to tell people that ALL the time). I didn't realize how difficult it could be until mine progressed from raw, then included cooked (& added leeks, asparagus, artichoke which are related) and even onion powder, which is in EVERYTHING - and is often hidden under spices or natural flavor!). Anyway, my point is, I know it's tough - I pretty much can't eat out any more - and I have to tell my friends who want to cook for me that it's harder than they think!

    I hope your feature will be a blessing to many. My mother is allergic to all nuts, but also eggs & poultry, so she struggles too. I've thought about adding a page to my blog about onion allergy & sharing recipes.

    Go girl, I pray you will help someone out!


  4. Yay! You know I'll be reading:) It's interesting how "normal" it seems to be for us, I couldn't imagine ordering at a restaurant, or buying a snack somewhere without asking the question, ya know?? Looking forward to these posts!


  5. I love your blog! My young son even asks me to show it to him because he loves your recipes too. And it brought tears to my eyes to see that you'll be posting about nut allergies - you have no idea how thankful I am for that!


  6. As you know my little guy is severly allergic to nuts too.
    Living with a nut allergy is hard and scary at times, but it doesn't have to stop us from making yummy recipes- just altering them a bit :)

    Can't wait to read what you've learnt along the way!

  7. Oh I'm so sorry you are allergic to Nuts! A ton of my favorite desserts have them!

  8. I had a daycare child who was allergic to nuts and ended up giving him the epi pen twice. Not fun!!!

  9. We don't have nut allergies, but for awhile when my oldest was an infant/toddler he was allergic to apples. Yes, apples. He'd break out in a rash in his mouth and on his face from the slightest bit of applesauce.

    Now, he can have apples, but only in moderation. If he has too much he'll still get a slight rash. I guess you could say he's mostly outgrown it???

    Enjoying your blog! Thanks for popping by earlier :o)

  10. I'm looking forward to this! My husband is deathly allergic to tree nuts and peanuts. My son was tested for nut allergies and came back positive as well.

  11. Yay! My Hubby has a peanut and nut allergy, and I had a moderate peanut allergy as I child I've since outgrown. In light of this history however, my doctor has recommended that I not eat any peanuts or nuts to hopefully avoid passing the allergy on to our child. I didn't think it would be that challenging, but it sure is hard, especially when you're craving peanut butter like crazy!


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