Thursday, September 1, 2011

Olive Oil Chex Mix

I love making our own Chex Mix.  Since school is back in swing, I enjoy snacks like this for my lunch. 

This time, I tried making our original chex mix (made with butter) side-by-side with this version – made with olive oil. 

The verdict?  We actually couldn’t tell much of a difference between the two.  They were both excellent.

So, I figured I should share this with you and let you decide!

Olive Oil Chex Mix 


  • 3 T olive oil
  • 1 tsp. seasoned salt
  • 2 tsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder
  • 4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
  • 7 C “Chex-like” cereal
  • 1 C pretzels


Preheat the oven to 250.  In a large 9x13 metal baking dish, combine the 3 T olive oil, 1 tsp. seasoned salt, 2 tsp. lemon juice, 1 tsp. garlic powder and 4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce together in the pan. 

Add in the 7 C cereal and 1 C pretzels.  Stir well to coat. 

Bake at 250 for a total of 45 minutes, stirring every 15. 

Allow to cool, and then store in an airtight container until they are devoured! 


Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you; especially how you're finding JOY in your kitchen.

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