Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smokehouse Maple Fajitas

With all this wonderful weather, we're breaking in the grill!

These fajitas were delightful -- especially with the smokehouse maple seasoning.  Oh. My.

Smokehouse Maple Fajitas

4 chicken breasts
~3 tsp. Smokehouse Maple Seasoning (from McCormick)
1 sweet vadallia onion, separated
3 colored bell peppers
1 green bell pepper
1 tsp. olive oil
4-6 whole wheat tortillas
Shredded cheddar cheese, if desired


Season the uncooked {but thawed} chicken breasts with smokehouse maple.  Then, place the chicken breasts on the grill.

Grill on each side for ~10 minutes.  Check the internal temperature of the chicken breast, and continue cooking until internal temperature reaches 180 degrees.

Meanwhile, slice up the onion and bell peppers into long strips.  Toss with olive oil.

Place the veggies in a grill basket.  Place on the grill and roast the veggies for 10-15 minutes, tossing the veggies every 4-5 minutes.

{Don't mind the zucchini slices in here... we often serve grilled zucchini as a side.}

When the chicken and veggies are done, remove them from the grill and cover to keep warm.

Slice the chicken breast and lay the chicken slices in the center of a whole wheat tortilla.

Top with peppers and onions.

If desired, add the cheddar cheese.  Place the tortillas then into the grill basket and set on the grill (that is now cooling down).  Close the lid to melt the cheese.



  1. Yum!!! And I love your new blog style!

  2. Filled with flavor. This is one, I hope to find on my table......after a little preparation, of course. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Oh, yum!! I bet those were so flavorful!!

  4. Oooo...I have to look for that Maple Seasoning!! This dish looks delicious friend :) Of course, you know if it has fajita in the name, I'm all over it! ;)

  5. These look absolutely fantastic! glad you stopped by my blog and so I found you. I'll be trying this for sure!

  6. I am putting Maple Smokehouse Seasoning on my grocery list right now. The fajitas look wonderful. Thanks for a great blog!

  7. Fajitas have quickly become a fave for us to grill too. My husband is even making us all try chili peppers ( which I've never eaten) in it and it's amazing! We do ours with chicken and steak and it's incredible! Thanks for posting!

  8. We had fajitas, too this week. There is nothing like grilled meat with veggies in a tortilla. I haven't seen that smokehouse maple seasoning. I will have to keep an eye out for it.

  9. Hi Sno White,
    There is nothing like a great Fijita and your recipe for Smokehouse Maple Fijita'a looks very good. We just love Fijita's right off the grill and we will try your recipe soon. Thanks for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and come back soon!

  10. Love fajitas and that seasoning looks good! Thanks!

  11. yum these look good!! I may have to run out and buy that spice to use this weekend!

  12. This looks like a delicious Summer Recipe! We are hosting "FUN SUMMER RECIPES" at our Linky Party THIS WEEKS CRAVINGS! We'd love for you to come by and link up! (Thanks a million) :-)

  13. sounds oh so good love the freshness of a recipe like this come see what I shared at

  14. oh, how i love fajitas! i will definitely need to buy some of that smokehouse maple seasoning! :D

    thanks so much for linking up to mangia mondays!


  15. I am totally addicted to these fajitas! LOVE the smokehouse maple seasoning and with the bell peppers they are a huge hit at our house. :)


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