Friday, June 6, 2014

Monterrey Chicken Wraps

I find myself looking for lighter dinners to enjoy during the summer months when hot dishes and other heavy meals don’t go over as well. 

These chicken wraps are a new favorite. 

I’ve tried them on bread in a  grilled cheese of sorts, but somehow the wrap made the dinner just that much better for a summer. 

Monterrey Chicken Wraps



Begin by grilling or pan-searing the chicken tenders in olive oil.  If you have Smokehouse Maple seasoning, go ahead and season your chicken tenders with it; if not, just season it well with salt and pepper. 

When the chicken tenders have reached 180 degrees, place each in the center of a whole wheat tortilla.  Top with 1 strip of cooked bacon, a slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese, roasted tomato slices and top with BBQ sauce.  {note: you might want to melt the cheese on the tortilla first, if desired}

Roll up the tortilla and if needed, use a toothpick to hold the tortilla together if needed.  Slice in half to serve. 

Serve warm.  


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