Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kitchen Tip: Cherry Pitting

We lovecherries around here, but they are certainly a mess to prepare with those pits in the center. Since I do most of the pitting, I've tried to find a method that works for us.

We have a nice cherry pitter -- but, that isn't always effective, and the splash from de-pitting the cherries with this gadget leads to a new hue of cherry red all over our kitchen walls.

Instead, I opt for a cleaner cherry pitting method with only the simple kitchen knife. Since most of my recipes require cherries to be cut, this method is perfect.

Simply cut the cherry in half around the pit.

Then, twist the two halves apart.

Use the knife to score around the pit.

Then, pop the pit out. Sometimes it comes out by gently squeezing the cherry.

Then, in no time you have pitted cherries.

And, fairly clean hands!

Happy cherry pitting :)

This post is linked to Tammy's Kitchen-Tip Tuesday.


  1. Great job pitting those cherries. I also have a cherry pitter and it does not always pit the cherry and you have to dig the pit out anyway.

  2. I am waiting to see what you are going to make with those cherries.

  3. Thanks! I hate making a mess with cherries too.

  4. You make the procedure appear effortless and you've taken beautiful pictures to walk us through the steps that are involved. Thanks.

  5. I agree with Mary, wonderful pictures. I have always just cut them in half to get the pits out too, wondering if I was missing something by not buying a cherry pitter. Thank you for the tip and the reassurance.

  6. We love cherries too but we usually just eat them and spit out the pip ;-) I've never actually baked with fresh cherries!!!
    Nice to know a knife will work just as well or even better than a pitter.

  7. A bunch of people told me on my blog last week (after I complained that pitting cherries took so much time) that I should get a pitter, but your method is pretty much what I do...it just takes a lot longer to freeze cherries than, say, blueberries, you know? :) someone said you can poke a straw through them to get the pit out, too. An interesting idea!

  8. Great idea! My husband loves a fresh cherry cobbler I make! I do usually use a pitter, but you are right, they can be messy!!

    Thanks for sharing!! Many blessings!!

  9. I tried the straw trick and got nowhere with it . . . I usually just dig the pit out with my fingernails . . . which is why I'm always purple for a week afterwards. I'll try to remember to use the knife tip next time - thanks for sharing!


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