Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reality Check.

Just because I like to keep things real around here...I share with you exhibit A.

Yes, that's a burned carrot.

Exhibit A created Exhibit B.


Due to one absent-minded (almost) professor.... who didn't keep an eye on her boiling carrots.

I tried to salvage the carrots; but they tasted like a campfire. Thus, I didn't think they'd go well a new carrot dip I'm was planning to try.

Now, I need your help.

How do I clean this up!?!?!

I've tried boiling soap and water in the pan, but have had no luck. It's basically burned on water (not carrots -- those came out in one piece).

It's a non-stick pan, so I don't want to just scrub it out. Any tips?

~Your absent-minded chef.


  1. I use Mrs. Meyers powder ( It is gentle enough not to ruin the non-stick surface but works great to getting the burnt on gunk out. I prefer geranium scent. but she has choices.

  2. Aw, I've done stuff like that before! Especially since I've been preggo...never have I burned so many things or let so many things boil over!

    I don't really have any advice about the pan. It's kinda weird that soap and water didn't take it off.

  3. Ah, burned food, it happens to all of us.

    Cover the bottom of the pan with a dryer sheet and then add some warm to hot water. Press the dry sheet back down if it starts to float (it probably will float a little bit anyway). Then let is soak for several minutes and wash with soap and water.

  4. Thanks so much for your comment. I love to get those. :) Anyway my hubby bought me a new Mac for my b-day and I am still trying to figure everything out. Thanks for the tip on the links though. On your pot, try boiling a small portion of baking soda and water in the pot. It will really fizz up so you have to watch it. As it is boiling, use a pot safe utensil to gently scrub the bottom. Afterwards, wash as normal. My brother gave me this tip and he is a fireman. This is how they clean up afterwards, too. Let me know if it works. Sorry for the long comment. :)

  5. this might be worth looking at....

  6. usually if i have a really bad pan, i soak for at least an hour with hot water and lots of soap, then i scrap with one of those brown plastic squares from pampered chef (do you know what i am talking about?). they wont scratch but they are great at getting things up.


  7. Yikes! I have had that happen a time or two. But, be glad it wasn't plastic. My friend was boiling their toothbrushes once (not sure why) and forgot about them and they completely melted. Her house stunk for days!!

    Sometimes if you put some water in the pot and boil it for a few minutes it will loosen up the gunk.

  8. A good soak with hot water and baking soda usually does the trick for me.....

  9. Oops, guess it happens to all of us sooner or later. Hope some of the suggestions have been helpful.
    I was popping in to ask if you got the email I sent to you a few days ago - let me know :-)

  10. Put a large amount of baking soda in it with not too much water, boil it for like 15 minutes or longer, let it cool and it should wipe out.......

  11. Take powdered automatic dishwasher soap. Place about 1/4 cup in pan, add water and boil for 15 minutes. You may have to do this several times. This has always worked for me. I hope it works for you.

  12. thanks for all your tips! I tried the dryer sheet, and that helped a little. now, I've got it soaking in baking soda water. We'll see....

  13. You could boil water with a little vinegar- I had this happen when I scorched toffee- but mine was a stainless steel pan so I just went at it.

    I remember boiling water over and over and over and it came off little by little. It might just take awhile to get it all off.

  14. LOL! Fun to read all these solutions to your dilemma. I hope you tell us what worked for you.

    We've all done it!

    e-Mom @ Susannah's Aprons & Chrysalis

  15. I just did this to a pot of mine. It looked just like yours did (only stainless steel). I sprayed mine with Dawn Power Dissover and let it set overnight. Next day it cleaned up like a charm! Another tip for the power know those grease stains that you can get in your shirt from cooking? You wash them and they don't come out?? Spray this on them, even old shirts washed many times, and they will ALL come out! Love this product!

  16. Oh please don't leave me hangin'! Did the pan come clean? If so, how?

    Love your blog.


  17. Yes, the pans finally came clean!


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