Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitchen Oragnization

In a couple of months, Frog Prince and I are leaving our home of five years (three years in this apartment) and moving to a new place.

Our move is be bitter sweet.  We do love it here and will miss the place and people tremendously.  But, our time as graduate students has come to a close... and I have a job in another state (Frog Prince gets to telecommute!).  I guess it's time to start a new chapter.

One thing I am excited about it *hopefully* leaving behind my tiny kitchen and finding a new place with more kitchen space :)

Yes... that's pretty much the extent of my counter top space.

That got me thinking about kitchen organization.

How do I have the ingredients I use the most in convenient locations, yet still maximize counter space.

And, so, I ask you -- how do you do it?  And, what are your favorite kitchen organizational tools/products?


  1. Spice rack on the wall-- I use magnetic canisters. LOTS of labels. Arrange things so that the easiest-to-grab are the things you need the most. My coworker just installed drawers in her cabinets-- I'm so jealous! No more will she be burrowing in the back regions of her cabinets for things. My kitchen is small, but it functions pretty well. But I must say, I have dreams of more wall space....:)

  2. I like your canisters! That's what I use for staples like flour, sugar, etc. Spice racks help (like the magnetic ones you can stick on the wall) and if you don't have a microwave on your counter, that's a big help! I hope you find a place with a big kitchen - it's so nice to expand!

  3. I find your blog to have great
    recipes with food I like.
    If you do as well with the new job
    as you do with your blog, you will
    do great.
    How wonderful for you. What field is your job in?

  4. I use as much wall space as possible. Shelves for spices and coffee, I hang all of my cast iron and cutting boards and even have little hooks for measuring spoons, peelers, etc.

  5. Hopefully you will have a pantry right there so your counter tops can be empty!!! woohoo!
    Is the first you told us you got a new job? Congratulations!

  6. Believe it or not, that space you have now is MORE than the place we just moved out of; I love my huge kitchen now, but the last place was very frustrating.

    I managed with using shelves on the walls and I got a small cart that I could roll into the corner of the next room when I wasn't using it.

  7. Right now, I have lots of space because our kitchen is very large, but I know that someday I will probably have to give that up. I use a lot of canisters and containers like the ones you have pictured on your post. I use ones that are a variety of shapes/sizes that can stack on top of each other to maximize space.


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