Monday, December 27, 2010

Countdown to 2011: Breads


Today is bread day!  Who doesn’t love a good slice of homemade bread – smothered with melted butter and honey?! 

Here are our best bread recipes from 2010:

Garlic Italian Herb Bread
   We made this bread to celebrate my sister’s birthday
   - a grown up version of garlic toast! 

Pumpkin Spice Bagels
   These are incredibly moist bagels, perfect with a hint
   of honey drizzled on top!  Best part – 180 calories and
   only a trace of fat in each bagel.   

Mom’s Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
   My mom used to make this bread when my sister and I
   were little girls.  She pulled out the recipe this year,
   and we haven’t stopped making it since.

Whole Wheat Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls
   We had been searching for a good hamburger bun
   recipe and our search ended here.  These are ready
   in 40 minutes and double nicely as a dinner roll.   

Homemade Crescent Rolls
   I love a good crescent roll.  Although these take a
   little time to make, they are delicious.  We love to
   use them as pie crust in our quiche recipes!

Carrot Bread
   This one is for the rabbits.  Just kidding.  But, it is a
   great way to add extra veggies to your sandwiches,
   or breakfasts.  The carrots make the bread so moist!!

What are your best bread recipes from 2010? 

Enter your link below. 

Please include a link back to this post at Finding Joy in My Kitchen so others can access this archive of recipes. 


  1. Mmm...I love bread! I linked up my wheat sandwich bread and some applesauce bread which makes a great snack or an easy breakfast. This has definitely been the year of bread for me as this is the year that I really dived into homemade bread making and refined my technique.

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. I SO need to make those pumpkin spice bagels! They sound amazing!

  3. Oh yum. Your bread is the best. I love the wheat bread. So now I got to try out the rest.

  4. I need to get on the bread bandwagon for sure! I love them all.

  5. Oops, I totally added my favorite bread with breakfast :) I want to try your crescent rolls!

  6. All these breads are really making me drool! They all look delicious! Thanks!

  7. My goal in 2011 and my 30 before 30 list is to become good at baking bread so this helps me see lots of goodies to try!!

  8. I love bread! I realized that I don't have very many yeast breads on my blog yet- maybe that can be a goal for 2011! Thanks for all of the great recipes!

  9. Great recipes. I added the Banana Muffins the right way. maybe you can delete the first one. Sorry.

  10. All these breads look wonderful. Can't wait to try some!

  11. Your breads look soo yummy! I am a huge fan of BREAD.... I just posted a few of my recipes. Thanks for your post.


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