Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Countdown to 2011: Soups


What a fun week it has been already.  I have added so many of your breakfast and bread recipes to my upcoming menus... oh my!  Thanks for all the inspiration.

Winter is just the perfect time for soup recipes!  It’s been a cold and snowy winter for us, so soup season started early.  Hey, I’m not complaining. 

Here are our best soup recipes from 2010:

Frog Prince and my sister get the credit for
this delicious recipe – creamy and oh so tasty!

This one is our favorite recipe of 2010. 

Another cozy, comfy soup with delightful flavor!

A soup that cooks while we’re at work – what’s not to love?
Best part – you can toss in all the ingredients FROZEN in the morning. 
Yes Please. 

I’d never had this soup before I met Frog Prince.
I don’t know why…. because this is great!

I’m not a tomato soup fan, but this is a soup
I’ll make again and again. 
Tasty, especially with grilled cheese!

What are your best soup and stew recipes from 2010? 

Enter your link below. 

Please include a link back to this post at Finding Joy in My Kitchen so others can access this archive of recipes. 

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  1. Oh yum, soup is my favorite, anytime of year. I've been meaning to try your Chicken Cheddar and Rice Soup, can't wait.

  2. All your soups look absolutely delicious!! Thanks!

  3. Im making the crockpot chicken soup right now - thanks for the great soup recipes! Stop by when you have time http://mostlyfoodandcrafts.blogspot.com/

  4. I keep meaning to try your Baked Potato soup. I think I'm going to make it this weekend!

  5. I really want to try the cheesy spinach and lasagna. This is so much fun!

  6. sorry didn't meant to post the creamy chicken tortilla soup twice! and i have a LOT of soups...its hard to pick just one! but i went with some that might be a bit more unique!

  7. I started to make a list of your soups that I wanted to try, but it ended up being all of them. Oh yum. This is a brilliant list of faves.

  8. Thanks for the reminder about the link up to your blog. I can't wait to try your wedding soup!

  9. I LOVE soups. I'm actually dedicating January {maybe longer} to soups.

  10. Wow! It's my first time here and I love your blog! So many yummy looking recipes that I can't wait to try!

  11. All these wonderful soups in one place. Thank you so much for hosting us for this event as we countdown to 2011!

  12. I feel all warm and cozy just looking at this round-up!

  13. I love your chicken spinach soup! It's one of our favorites! :)


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