Monday, March 21, 2011

Whole Wheat Tortillas

Now that spring is officially here(!), we're looking forward to enjoying lighter main dishes.  Many of our favorite summer lunches and dinners use Whole Wheat Tortillas.  I originally shared this recipe in March of 2009 and these have been a staple in our kitchen ever since.

These tortillas go from flour to warm and ready in ~40 minutes.  They freeze wonderfully, and warm up great between two wet paper towels - making them nice and pliable.

If you haven't tried making your own tortillas, I hope you will.  With only flour, water, oil and baking powder, these are super easy to make, even if you've never tried you hand at making bread or pizza dough - give these a try.

Have you made your own tortillas?  What's your favorite recipe for them?


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  1. Thanks for sharing! My hubby and I have recently discovered our love for whole wheat tortillas and use them in EVERYTHING! I am so excited to try this recipe.... just hoping they turn out better than my whole wheat pizza dough often does! ;)

  2. I've never made my own, but you make it look so easy! We eat so much Mexican food around here that I'm definitely going to try this soon!

  3. I want to try this! We eat tortillas ALL THE TIME. Not sure if I would have the patience to make that many of these though. We eat some healthy whole wheat ones from Sams Club but I'm sure these are even better, thanks!

  4. Love making homemade tortillas! :) THey are soo easy!

  5. I just love how homemade tortillas have so much more character than the commercial variety. Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.


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