Monday, September 5, 2011

Kitchen Tip: Keeping Pancakes Warm

Lazy weekend mornings are perfect for pancakes.  However… I struggle with keeping them warm because I’m a much earlier riser than my husband.  I want to make pancakes when I get up, but I want them to be warm when he wakes up. 

I know you can turn on your oven and warm them that way – but I was looking for something more simple and less energy intensive. 

Here’s the key – use the warm setting on your griddle.  Place the prepared pancakes on a plate and set them on the griddle set to warm. 

Keeps pancakes warm for those late risers!

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  1. My mom always just slid a plate of cooked pancakes under the griddle she was cooking the pancakes on...warm but not too hot.

  2. what a good idea!I save the batter and have just been making them when he wakes up but this would be MUCH easier! thanks for the tip!


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