Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitchen Tip: Removing Apple Wax!

Each fall, we process tons of apples – for freezing, applesauce, pies and more

While we carefully wash all our fruits & veggies, apples have a food-grade wax covering the outside of the skin that doesn’t wash off easily

Since we love to eat apples with the peel on them, and we love tea made from the peels, it was high time to find a way to really clean that wax off the apples. 

5 Easy Steps to Remove Apple Wax

1) Fill your sink with about 4 inches of lukewarm water. 

2) Add 1 T lemon juice & 1 T baking soda to the water; swirl around. 

3) Place your apples in the water.

4) Using a fruit/veggie brush, brush the outside of the apples.  Then, watch to see how gross your water becomes…

5) Rinse the apples & pat them dry. 

Now, admire the difference! 

Notes: If you still notice wax when you are finished, it’s likely because the apples didn’t get scrubbed with the brush all the way around.  I noticed this at first on some of my apples, but a second scrub and the wax was gone. 

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  1. Great tip! The wax on apples is hard to get off - vinegar didn't help so I'm going to try this for sure!

  2. Great tip- thank you!!!!! Pinning this.

  3. Great tip! Tea with apple peels?? How do you do this?

    1. Here's the recipe -- super easy!!


  4. wow! Thank you for such a helpful and simple tip

  5. this is great! and you don't taste it all?

  6. Wow - this is a great tip. I've probably been injesting unsafe levels of food wax for years!

  7. Why would anyone want to remove the wax?

  8. Why would anyone want to consume the wax??

  9. Hi SnoWhite...i tried to use your tip to remove wax from apples it didnt work. I followed same instructions. Is there any idea how long we need to keep in the solution?? because i put the apples in the solution for 2 mins almost while scrubbing with scrubcloth...after scrubbing it looked good i almost felt wax is gone...but then to test it i used knife to scrap over the apple and i scrapped alot of wax ....please advice if there is anything i missed. thankyou.

  10. When I buy organic apples at my local 'health food' store, Jimbo's, there is no wax.
    Against my better judgement I bought 'organic' apples at CostCo today. My thought process was...I am here and I really shouldn't buy those apples because they are packed in a ridiculous amount of plastic, but I love apples and it will save me a trip. Now I have apples that require serious clean up time at home. It would have been the same amount of time to stop in at Jimbo's:-(


  11. Good tip, thank you. No longer have to eat apple wax after applying this tip. I'll nail this post somewhere on my blog later as well. Hope you don't mind.


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