Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan - August 8

We've been in our new place for a week now, and all the kitchen boxes are finally unpacked, the cabinets are painted and the walls are now a beautiful shade of blue!  It took three tries to get the right color blue, but I love this one because it blends the purple and blue together into a nice warm color.

I can't wait for our new counter tops!! But -- in the meantime, this means... I can cook in our new kitchen and enjoy fresh veggies from the garden that we inherited with the house!

Unpacking hasn't been too bad... the most boxes we had were allocated for the kitchen {big surprise here, right?!}, and surprisingly, it pretty much all fit in our new kitchen!

Frog Prince took one look and asked,"where will the food go?!" ... important question for a hungry boy who's worked really hard this week to get settled in!

No need to fear, there is a lot of space for food!

And, my dad is custom building a cabinet for us for the eat-in kitchen so that I will have an additional 6ish feet of cabinet and counter-top space!

By next weekend, we hopefully will have the walls opposite the blue accent walls painted a lovely shade of brown, or mushroom bisque, to be exact.  Then, by October 1, we'll have beautiful new counter tops and our eat-in kitchen finished and oh, I'll be cooking up a storm!!

Okay -- now, onto the menu.  There's really no recap of last week... lots of sandwiches, crockpot meals made by my mom, and one night of take-and-bake pizza.  Oh, and ice cream.  When it felt like 103 today, ice cream tasted wonderful!

Here's what we'll be cooking in our new place this week:

Brunch - Blueberry Breakfast Cake, Garden Veggie Quiche
Dinner - Roasted Red Pepper Tortellini Bake, Refrigerator Pickles {new} and Broccoli
Dessert - Rhubarb Dessert

Monday {Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Pops!}
B - Blueberry Breakfast Cake {leftovers}
D - Tuscan Lemon Chicken, broccoli {garden}

B - Granola, blueberries
D - Sweet Potato Risotto, mixed veggies

B - Leftover Garden Veggie Quiche
D - Leftovers
Dessert - TBD

B - Granola, cherries
D - Penne with Broccoli and Sausage

B - Blueberry Pancakes
D - Spinach and Mushroom Calzones, salad

D - Zucchini Parmesan, salad

This week, we're re-stocking the kitchen... eek.  It's hard building up the pantry again without breaking the bank!  We're shopping around at different grocery stores {there are so many here to choose from!} and trying to figure out sales, brands and prices.  We'll hopefully get to check out the farmer's markets around here this week too.



  1. Lots of storage space! Nice!

    Not sure how far you moved. When we move with the Army, it's across several states so we don't get to take much food with us. It usually costs me around $500 to get re-established in a home, food-wise. All the little things that you don't think about really add up. The sweet potato risotto sounds lovely. Have a great week.

  2. The cabinets turned out great! Love it! :)

  3. Your kitchen looks AMAZING! I'll be without a kitchen for several more months it looks like (flood damage). Cooking gets really creative!

  4. I love the new kitchen!! Oh the things that you will create in it!!! YUM!!!!

  5. Your new kitchen looks FABULOUS - and so neat and organized. Congrats on the new home! Love your menu and I've linked to a few of your recipes (as always...) this week in my menu plan. Thanks and blessings to you!

  6. What great progress you've made in your new place! I love the white cabinets--it makes the kitchen look so big, fresh and clean! :)

    And how wonderful you inherited a garden! Nothing beats fresh veggies.

  7. Congratulations on the new home - how exciting! And you even inherited the garden - I can't imagine leaving my garden behind at this time of year!

  8. blue is a hard color to get just the right shade. Beautiful meal plan this week.

  9. Yay! Your new kitchen looks great!! How exciting about the veggie garden! Good luck on re-stocking!

  10. I haven't visited your site in a while, but I will return regularly! I love the new look. Congrats on the move and the big new kitchen. You inspire me so much! Blessings on your new jobs (?). I look forward to making your yummy recipes!!!

  11. Looks like a great week! Hope everything comes together for you!

  12. Cooking in your new kitchen will be so fun! The zucchini parmesan looks delicious.

  13. What a gorgeous space! And O but the storage is AMAZING! Have a yummy week!

  14. I love the pic of the door-less cabinets...tell me you are only that organized in the beginning?! ;)

    Emily/Miss Mommy

  15. Love your new kitchen!

    I'm so gonna try the spinach and mushroom calzones this week! Thanks for posting!

  16. Totally dig how your new kitchen looks and am so happy you already have a week's worth of meals planned after being in MN for only 7 days! We should cook together w/Ms. Peasley sometime. :)

  17. Wait a second... Did she say MN? North, South???

    I love the color on the kitchen walls!!

  18. Congratulations to your mother and father. Thirty five years is wonderful.

    Your kitchen is coming out great. My kitchen is painted a blue very similar to yours. I love the white cabinets and can't wait to see your kitchen with the new counter top.

  19. let me know if you need help shopping around. or at the farmer's market :)

  20. Love the paint!! It is beautiful and welcoming with the white cabinets. How lucky to inherit a garden with the house!! Wonderful!

  21. How lucky you are to have inherited a productive garden! We didn't plant one when we sold our house because we didn't want to leave it behind. In hindsight, it may have been a nice "gift" to the new homeowners.

    Making the changes when you first move in is the way to go! Getting the painting done once you are all unpacked is tough. Enjoy your new home!


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