Sunday, October 3, 2010

Menu Plan - October 3

This weekend was wonderful, but crazy all at the same time!  We had a garage sale here and it was quite successful -- but the best part is ... it's starting to feel like home!

Our couches arrived on Friday morning....

My dad mounted the new cabinet he built for us....

And, we added a lazy susan to the kitchen this weekend!

I got to rearrange and fill up my new toys cabinets -- and I love them!

Next week, the counter top guy is coming to measure our kitchen and before Oct 15 -- we'll have new counter tops!!  {Insert big smile from SnoWhite here}

In the midst of all this busy week leading up the garage sale, we enjoyed:

Cheesy Chicken Bacon and Rice Soup
{recipe to come}

Pumpkin Granola
{recipe to come}

Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake
{for my sister's birthday -- recipe to come!}

Chicken Alfredo Bake with Peas and
Homemade Whole Wheat Pasta {recipe to come}

Garlic Italian Herb Bread
{recipe to come}

Maple Oat Scones
{recipe to come}

B - Leftover Maple Oat Scones
L - Italian Chicken Melts {new}
D - Leftovers {sheesh!  Our fridge is over flowing!}
{To Do - Make applesauce, bread, thaw sausage for soup}

B - Pumpkin Spice Granola, Craisins

D - Leftovers


D - Leftovers

B - Oatmeal with Crustless Apple Pie

Saturday {MSU vs. U-Mich game}
B - Pumpkin Bagels {new}
D - Family Dinner at my aunt's house!  



  1. Looking forward to some of those "new" recipes :)

    So glad you're feeling at home in your new place. You must be loving that big, bright, and updated kitchen! Enjoy!

  2. ooo looking forward o pumpkin granola..that sounds so yummy!

  3. After the remodel it will all be worth it. You can look back and say I least that's what I did. Your menu looks great in the midst of all the construction.

  4. can't wait for the pumpkin granola recipe!

    have you seen a baked pumpkin oatmeal recipe? im looking for one if you have!

    love the cabinets!

  5. Oh, I hope I remember to check back for that soup recipe, it sounds delish. And I am hosting a soup carnival too, if you want to check it out.

    I made note of several other of your recipes also -- who wudda thunk of sweet potatoes and chocolate? Sounds yummy though!

  6. Oooh! Sounds like you have had an exciting week. The pumpkin granola sounds tasty. Can't wait for the recipe! = )

  7. I love your cooking philosophy. Simple, healthy meals from scratch. That's us! That chicken and spinach penne looks yummy. I think I may have to try it next week! Thanks for the new recipes.


  8. Your menu looks great as always! I get hungry just coming to your site.

  9. I'm adding the alfredo chicken and the sloppy joes to our recipe list! Thanks for sharing! You always have wonderful recipes!


  10. The quiche looks delicious! You have a wonderful week planned.

  11. WOw! Awesome looking menu this week! I'm checking out a few recipes to try. :)


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