Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ingredient Spotlight: Turkey

This week, we’ve been focusing on Thanksgiving – breads and side dishes so far; today, we’re talking Turkey!

A few years ago, my dad suggested using bacon to self-baste the turkey; this resulted in a Bacon Wrapped Turkey with Bacon Infused Gravy.  This has become our favorite.

A few other turkey recipes that look delightful:

For leftovers, we enjoy this healthier version of Turkey Tetrazzini.

Turkey & Pepper Stew is a unique way to use up your turkey. 

A once-a-year tradition at our home: Kentucky Hot Browns. So good. 

This Broccoli Hotdish was my favorite as a kid, and still is my favorite today. 

The leftovers from the turkey go into our Turkey Soup with Homemade Noodles every year.  So easy to make, and perfect for using the carcass too. 

A Turkey Pot Pie allows you to stretch your turkey leftovers among lots of tasty veggies and herbed biscuits. 

What are your favorite turkey recipes? 

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