Sunday, July 10, 2011

Menu Plan - July 10

This past week, we've enjoyed time with friends and family on our summer vacation!  This has meant, not as much time in my own kitchen, but lots of yummy BBQs, picnics and time in my friends' kitchens :)  Over the last week, we enjoyed:
Burgers and Grilled Potato Fries

Homemade Pizza and Calzones {using this dough}

Black Bean Burgers with corn and fries

Chicken Tenders {on the grill} w/ baked beans

Quiche {potato, kielbasa, peppers and mushrooms}

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake {new}

This week, it's back to reality.  Home from vacation means a trip to the grocery store to re-stock the fridge and freezer, and back to work.  We'll enjoy:

B - Granola and fresh fruit
D - Orange Chicken {on the grill}, potatoes

B - Granola and yogurt
L - Roasted Red Pepper and Turkey Wraps {new}
D - Pizza Pockets

B - Granola and yogurt
D - Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese, green beans

B - Buttermilk Waffles, fresh fruit
D - Turkey Burgers, grilled fries

B - Garden Veggie Quiche {using leftover fries}
D - Smokehouse Maple Fajitas

B - Leftover Quiche
D - Veggie Quesadillas

B - Berry Banana Muffins
D - Beer Brats, Buns, Potato Salad {new}


  1. Yum! Great menu! Thanks for sharing : )


  2. Looks like a good week. I'm trying your pizza pockets this week.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am going to link your rice cooker mac and cheese into my menu in the next week or two. I got a rice cooker about a month ago and am really loving it. I've been thinking about what else I could cook in it when I saw your post. Thanks again!


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