Thursday, January 19, 2012

Omelet Making 101

Frog Prince and I enjoy a good omelet.  But, I’ve failed time & time again with flipping the things.  Toppings everywhere, cheese melting on the bottom of the pan, eggs broken.  It’s a good scramble, but it is certainly not a good omelet. 

Anyone else have that problem? 

Well, a few years ago, I discovered the solution that has kept my omelets in one piece:

The lid. 

Yes, it’s that easy. 

Simply prepare your eggs, pour them into a warm, greased pan, and cover with the lid of your skillet.  Allow the egg to cook until it’s nearly cooked through. 

Then, add the toppings and the cheese to half of the eggs in the skillet. 

Cover again with the lid. 

Cook until cheese is melted. 

Then, using a spatula, carefully loosen the egg….

Then fold it over the filling, like so.

Loosen the egg omelet and slide carefully onto a plate.


Now you can impress your family too. 

And, because I’m curious – what fillings go in your omelet of choice? 


  1. I used to fumble omelets too but now have become a pro. The kids eat omelets like 2 times a week. These look great!

  2. That omelette looks delicious!! My fillings are usually mushrooms and bell peppers, occasionally tomatoes, peas and sausages. The sky's the limit!

  3. I like the way you cooked your omelet. I had the same problem when I cooked mine. Thank you for sharing your steps.

    P.S. The meat on your cooked omelet looks like a bumble bee. :)

  4. It took me forever to learn how to make omelets properly... LOL!

    As for my favorite fillers for them- I really enjoy spinach and tomatoes with diced green onions. Sometimes I'll throw some diced or shredded chicken into the mix.

    Your's look delicious! I may just have to make some omelets for breakfast, now!

  5. I never thought to do that before - what a great idea! We love peppers, onions and cheese on ours...mmmh!

  6. What a great idea! I usually just start them out the way you do then just fold it in half. This looks so much easier though!

  7. The Lid! What a concept!! I am famous for ugly omelets. This could revolutionize my egg breakfasts!

  8. Nice! Mine are always ugly, delicious scramble messes too. I'll have to try this method tomorrow morning!

    I'm a typical cheddar, ham or bacon, onions, and bell pepper girl, but once in a while we'll do mozz. cheese with asparagus and bell peppers. Weird, right? Yes. But awesome.

    And I'm a sucker for chorizo in a good Mexican omelet.


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