Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Eats

We certainly have been munching on Christmas goodies all month long – but that doesn’t mean our Christmas eve and Christmas day eats are less exciting!  In fact, I look forward to these eats all year! 

December 22nd

Last year, our first year in our home, Frog Prince and I started a new tradition.  Watching the Polar Express followed by The Nativity Story. 

We enjoy Caramel Cranberry Chex Mix during the viewing, as well as peppermint candy cane ice cream. 

The Day Before Christmas Eve

Frog Prince’s family has a tradition of watching White Christmas on December 23.

We’ve inherited that tradition as well, and while we watch we enjoy a big mug of Snow Tea or Hot Cocoa.  This year, we’ll have Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cocoa.  Yum. 

Christmas Eve

When I was a kid, we used to go to church on Christmas Eve, and when we came back we were always hungry!  So, my mom started the tradition years and years ago of having her delicious chicken chili cooking away in the crockpot ready for us when we got home!  Although we now go to church earlier in the week (our Christmas service is on Dec. 21 & 22 this year), we still maintain this tradition. 

This year, my sister {the nurse} works on Christmas day, so we’ll be spending the whole day together since we won’t see her Christmas day.  We’re planning to enjoy a lunch of our traditional Crockpot Chicken Chili along Homemade French Bread

Our afternoon eats will be Taco Dip and the assortment of Christmas cookies/treats we have around. 

We’ll likely much again on chili and bread, and top dinner off with Frog Prince’s Mint Ice Cream Pie.

So, what do we do all day?  Well, we LOVE playing games together as a family, so I’m sure we’ll do that.  We’ll have Christmas tunes on and we’ll share presents around my parent’s tree.  I can’t wait. 

This Christmas eve is very special too, because 5 years ago that night, Frog Prince asked me to be his wife! 

We’ll come home and set out cookies for Santa…

Christmas Day

We’ll start the day off with Christmas Eggs, and Berry Oatmeal Muffins.  The Christmas Eggs are a tradition we inherited from Frog Prince’s family.  How we love them! 

After breakfast, we’ll Skype with Frog Price’s family – I’m excited to see them.  It’s hard being 1800 miles away from them, but we’re thankful for technology that allows us to share our Christmas celebrations together.  

Since we typically get a new family game for Christmas, our goal for the day is to spend as much time together as possible, and as little time in the kitchen.  So, we’ve found that putting a simple dinner in the crockpot is wonderful.  Our dinner of choice is Crockpot Boeuf Bourguignon – served alongside French Bread. 

We’ll much the rest of the day on fruit and veggies, Christmas Cheese {aka, Havarti} and crackers and of course Christmas cookies. 

For dessert – we’ve started the tradition of making a birthday cake for Jesus to celebrate His birth!  This year, we’ll be trying a new cake – a peppermint bundt cake!

What do you eat for Christmas?

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  1. Everything looks amazing! Happy holidays!
    Love your blog!
    Nice finding you!
    Visit me at my-greek-cooking.blogspot.com

  2. Oh everything sounds delicious, friend! And what fun traditions you have! We don't really have any "food" traditions on Christmas...but my mom usually always makes a big breakfast on Christmas morning that consists on pancakes, and a bunch of other breakfast foods. I can't wait! :)


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