Monday, February 15, 2010

Kitchen Tip: Freezer Edition

I love my freezer.

I have been known to freeze just about anything.







You name it - I freeze it.

Well, I haven't tried freezing milk, but I hear it works well.

Recently, I've added two must-haves to our freezer.

First, is carrot (and/or sweet potato puree).

Boil up those carrots, and then puree them in a blender with just a little liquid (leftover from the boiling).  You may also add cooked sweet potatoes to the carrots for a yummy blend.

Then, place the puree into ice cubes and freeze until solid.

Remove them from the ice cube trays and store in a large freezer bag.

Then, pop them out of the tray and store them in a bag in the freezer.

I've been adding carrot puree to anything with tomatoes ... it cuts the acid, and adds more vitamins!  We use it in lasagna, homemade spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, baked ziti, and, it's also handy to have for carrot bread, carrot bars or even pancakes!

I also tend to freeze applesauce this way too -- that way, it's always available as a substitute for oil in baked-goods.

Second, I've been freezing apples.

And, I love it.

Cut up the apples, freeze them on a parchment-paper covered cookie sheet and then pack them into a gallon freezer bag.

In the morning, take out what you want, saute them with a little cinnamon and you have an excellent alternative to syrup or a great add-in to your oatmeal.

Having apples in the freezer like this has helped me to have one additional serving of fruit every day!  These apples also go well in muffins, crisps and pies!

For more freezer-friendly tips, check out this great post at Getting Freedom from Debt!

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  1. I loved this post! Freezers are the best! Also, I have frozen milk before and it does work really well. One note, it turns yellow when you freeze it. This totally grossed me out the first time, but it goes back to normal once it's thawed. Also, make sure to pour some off the top as it expands a lot.

  2. I too freeze just about anything...not milk though we go through it quite fast.I also don't freeze milk based soups.

    The puree is also how you make/keep homemade baby food. I had all kinds of cubes in my freezer at one point!

  3. I love freezing also. And that pureed carrots is exactly how I use to make baby food, so convenient.

  4. OH MY GOSH I love, LOVE LOVE the apple and the carrot puree idea! I'm just starting to get into the whole "once a month cooking" and DEFINITELY want to add more nutrition into anything I can! Thanks for the tips!!! YUM-O!

  5. I freeze everything too! I love the carrot puree idea, I will have to try that, especially adding it to tomato sauce if it cuts the acid. That is a small problem in our home.

  6. I love my freezer(s) too! We invested in a small chest freezer last summer when we signed on for a half farm share. I adore it!

    Like you, I freeze a lot of food. Fruit and veggie purees (in 1/2 cup servings for things like Autumn Oatmeal and muffins) apple pie filling, homemade jam, muffins, bread, cheese, portioned-out meat/chicken, lasagna roll-ups, etc.

    I really enjoy having the summertime jams and veggies on hand this time of year. It's a nice reminder that winter won't actually last forever.

  7. I love this idea! Especially those ice cube tray sweet potatoes and carrots. So useful.

  8. Awesome and very helpful post!

  9. Great tips! I'm a big fan of freezing as well.

  10. You will be so grateful for all this knowledge for freezing if you plan to have kids. Freezing food and purees has been my lifeline!

  11. I need a bigger freezer... mine is filled with meat that i buy on sale

  12. good ideas!
    If you do the applesauce in ice cube trays do you know how much they substitute for oil?

  13. I am with you! I have 2 full size freezers and 2 small top freezers. They are always packed. Milk is definitely easy to freeze, just watch out for gallon jugs bursting once in a while because of the expansion of the liquid when it freezes. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's a mess during the thawing.

  14. Very interesting, I never ever thought to freeze milk.
    Unfortunately my freezer is not working so well have to change it.

  15. This might be my favorite post ever! Thanks for the tips. :)

    - Molly

  16. Thanks for the link love today!

    I ♥ the carrot puree idea! Our youngest HATES carrots, and I've tried sneaking them in casseroles and things by shredding them, but he finds them. I think the puree idea would be perfect!

  17. I absolutely love freezing stuff as well! It's never occurred to me to freeze apple slices, or even puree veggies like that! Smart. Thanks for opening up my mind further on how to use my freezer! :)

  18. Oh wow. I wish I would've known this before almost killing myself in my kitchen trying to use all of my apples before they went bad. :)

    I had no idea you could freeze all this stuff! I'm so excited now. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  19. We bought a small chest freezer a few years ago. It sits in the garage and is one of the best investments we ever made. I freeze just about everything, too!
    The girl in your link is wise to decant her milk into smaller containers. I found out the hard way that a gallon of milk (which weighs maybe 10 pounds) takes as long to thaw out as a small turkey, LOL! And Ashley's right about the yellow milk. It's pretty funny. I make sure to label it, because it sort of looks like chicken broth--and nobody wants chicken broth in their cereal!

  20. Love this post! Yesterday I just froze 5 meals and I am so excited. Tell me though the best way to freeze asparagas.

  21. Great post! I love the idea of freezing carrot puree to add to tomato based stuff. I put it in my spaghetti sauce and no one ever notices. :-) Freezing applesauce is a good idea too.


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