Sunday, May 2, 2010

Menu Plan - May 2

The last week of being a student. Ever.  

I can't believe the end is here.  

I've been in school since, roughly, 1988.  
1986 if you count pre-school.    

22 years of my life.  

And, now ... it's coming to an end!

Exciting.  Scary.  Exciting.  Scary.  Exciting!!!!

Frog Prince and I are done.  El fin.

And, we're going to enjoy celebrating this week!

Last week was kind of crazy, and Frog Prince has been out of town, so we made bigger meals that we ate over multiple days:   

Cheesy Broccoli Casserole
(recipe on Wednesday)


Our families are coming in for graduation this weekend.  Frog Prince and I are looking forward to being hooded in the same ceremony this Friday {along with TONS of our friends!!}.

Picking our menu choices this week took a lot of thought because the time schedule around graduation is a bit crazy.  My family loves to try new foods, so I have a few new recipes to try.

Frog Prince's family is also coming, and so our meals later in the week reflect the need to cook dairy and gluten free {my MIL has celiac disease}.  In addition, my FIL is a meat-and-potatoes guy (only veggies = peas and corn) and right now, he's on a no-chew diet!  Yikes!  Lots of things to take into consideration for the menu this week; I'm going to be a "cook-to-order" chef!   I ran the menu by my MIL this week, and I *think* we're going to be okay:

B - Granola, OJ
D - Graduation Picnic - Ooey Gooey Cake (new)

B - Granola, blueberries
D - Leftover Sweet Potato Gnocchi, broccoli

B - Dark Chocolate Cherry Muffins, bananas
D - Brown rice, black beans with veggies and cheese
Dessert for LOST - Apple Cranberry Cobbler (new)

Wednesday {Family 1 arrives!}
B - Leftover muffins
D - Mushroom and Asparagus Crepes (new)
Dessert - Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (new)

B - Whole wheat cinnamon waffles, fresh fruit and whipped cream
L - {Tulip Festival}
D - Crockpot Chicken Spinach Soup, rosemary focaccia bread (new)
{Family 2 arrives, evening!}

Friday {Graduation Day}
B - Buttermilk pancakes, fresh fruit
L - Sloppy Joes (new), mashed potatoes, peas
D - Leftovers/Sandwiches (in between graduation events)
Dessert - Black Bean Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saturday {Celebrating Mother's Day and Graduation}
B - Sizzled ham, skillet fries (new), eggs, sweet potato corn bread and roasted asparagus
L - Skillet chicken and peppers, brown rice, peas
D - Party at my advior's house!


  1. Congratulations to both of you on your graduations! It is such an exciting time! I am going to have to try the gnocchi (sp?) dumplings soon. I also made the Barley Bake this week and it was a huge hit...thanks!! God bless you guys!

  2. I don't think I have ever posted but CONGRATS!!!! It is so nice that you two finished! Have a WONDERFUL week and enjoy every moment!!!

    Thanks for you lovely blog! I read every post!

  3. CONGRATS!! The menu looks great.

  4. No more school!!! That is great. Congrats on being free. :)

  5. Congratulations and best wishes as you embark upon a new phase in life! Hope your week is wonderful! Your menu look delicious!!
    God bless!

  6. Congrats! How strange to come to the end of this era. I am so exciting to keep getting to know you on your journey as you discover new and exciting things!

  7. Congratulations!! I'd say 22 years is long enough, lol!!

    Have a great week and enjoy your family and graduation.

  8. Congrats on graduation!! What an amazing accomplishment!

    I always enjoy reading your menu plans and recipes. It definitely looks like you've got some challenging things to plan around this week...I've done a gluten-free diet in the past, and that alone is complicated enough, and I can't adding in the chew-free element!

  9. Your photos look good enough to eat - as usual :) Congrats on graduating and on having one of your recipes featured on the MPM - all exciting stuff!

  10. Many congrats to you and frogprince!!!!!! What an amazing and exciting time for you both! Your menu looks delicious, and I have made butternut squash gnocchi that was heavenly!


  11. Congrats on graduating!!! It's been over 15 years since I graduated from college and I still have dreams every once in a while about forgetting to take a final or not being able to find my classes. Kind of funny! Enjoy your weekend of celebrating!!!


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