Sunday, June 27, 2010

Menu Plan - June 28

One month from today, we're packing up and heading out.


I'm in love with our new place already and am soooo excited for this lovely new kitchen :)

I'm thinking about painting the cabinets white... what say you?

Now the serious clean out the pantry/freezer/fridge stuff begins.  We went through and made a list of what's in the freezer and we're tackling a bunch of those items this week:

B - Blueberry Muffins {new}
D - Crockpot Chicken Parmesan
Dessert - Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

B - Leftover blueberry pancakes {freezer}
D - Sizzled Ham and Spinach Squares {new}

B - Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal {new}
D - Quesadillas {homemade tortillas}

B - Carrot and Zucchini Pancakes
D - Leftovers
Dessert for Life Group - Rhubarb Gingersnap Cheesecake {new}

Thursday {friends from out of town are visiting!!}
B - Granola and dried fruit
D - Gluten-Free Zucchini Pizza {new}
Dessert - Black Bean GF Brownies

B - Either Garden Veggie Quiche or Veggie Scramble
D - Chicken and Brown Rice Bake

D - Penne with Broccoli and Sausage

No recap of last week?  Well, that's because I spent the week here...

With my lovely husband.

It was a spontaneous trip, complete with stunning fireworks viewable from our hotel room on the 37th floor!

We enjoyed much time together after his conference was done in the evenings walking hand-in-hand along the river.

Since we spent our week away from home, I didn't do a lot of cooking. But, I did pack:

{excellent as a cold salad too}

And we made our favorite potato and ham casserole when we returned!

oh... and, I made ice cream.  
After a week of being gone 
{which is always a challenge when you have food allergies}, 
I was craving ice cream... 
so we made berry and Oreo sundaes!!

Be sure to check in Tuesday for a giveaway to CNS stores!!!



  1. So excited for you new home. I say paint the cabinets! We did that in our home and were very happy with the results. Lots of work to do it right...but way cheaper in the end. :)

    I would love to email you pictures of our before and after but can't get your address to load?

  2. You need to really think about painting them white. I did that and they are always needed to be scrub all the time. Everything shows I wish I didn't paint them white. Good Luck with your new place and job

  3. I'd be scared to painthem white because of the fact that they would get dirty. I also have 11,000 kids around here though. I'm a fan of wood but it might be pretty though.

    Let me know how you like the black bean brownies, I have that recpipe printed out and I want to make them soon!

  4. Love the new kitchen!! We had white cabinets in our apartment and wood stain in our current house, and I like the wood stained better. They don't get quite as grimy looking.

  5. If you paint them white, it will definitely brighten up your kitchen. Before I read the previous comment I would have said do it. Painting cabinets won't be easy to do right. You will have to clean white cabinets often. Cleaning often might make the paint peel. Hmmmm. I say paint them. Since it wont last long, save money and replace the cabinets when the paint peels.

  6. Our cabinets in our duplex are white... and they get dirty, but I haven't had a hard time cleaning them. Frankly, all cabinets get dirty - it's just the white ones that show it! I think a whitewash might be nice, with some lovely silver pulls/knobs/etc. Consider replacing some cabinet doors with glass or nothing at all - make them open...

  7. Hi SnoWhite! So glad you're only moving from your abode and not moving from blogging! I check yours every morning, always scanning for new recipes. My take on the white cabinets is no. We have white doors, trim, frames, and you can see where the little hands (certainly in your future!) have left their print. They're much harder to clean when they are white. But, if you're looking to jazz up the cabinets, try some decorative pulls and knobs. You could use something with white in it, and that might give you the white touch you are looking for!
    Have a great day!

  8. Yea on moving, love the new kitchen. I think white cabinets would be great! I painted mine white when we moved in, sanded them slightly and applied 3 coats, and I've had no peeling 4+ years and 2 toddlers later.

    Glad y'all had a great trip, its good to get away.

    Your week looks great. I love those carrot and zucchini pancakes, I might have to make those again this week.

  9. I say don't paint them. Your counters are already white and that might be too much. We have white counters and wood-finished cabinets and I like the combination. I would just make sure you have plenty of natural and artificial light and paint your walls a nice bright color.

  10. I love white cabinets. I had them in my previous house and I thought they looked great. My cabinets now are gray/blue, which is a little brighter than brown, but not as bright as white. It complements the white countertop, though.

  11. I say paint them, but not white! :) We had almost identical set-up to your kitchen, and I wanted white cabinets. My husband convinced me to paint them a green very similar to the green in your blog, and I LOVE it! It doesn't show dirt very easily, clean up is a breeze, and everyone who sees it comments on how nice they look. Best of luck and congratulations on your new place!


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