Monday, June 15, 2009


Pizza {and derivatives}

Deep Dish Pizza
French Bread Pizza
{Healthy} Supreme Pizza
Homemade Dough and BBQ Chicken Pizza
Grilled Pizza {our favorite way to have pizza}
Pepper and Spinach Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza Rolls
Pepperoni Grilled Cheese
Pizza Bread Loaf
Pizza Margherita {pictured above; the best crust!}
Pizza Muffins
Pizza Pockets
Sausage and Zucchini Pizza
Spinach and Broccoli Pizza {white sauce}
Stuffed Pretzels
White Bean Italian Pizza

Calzones {and cousins}

Cheesy Whole Wheat Veggie Calzones
Chicken Sausage Stromboli
Garden Veggie Calzone
Italian Sausage Stromboli
Mushroom and Spinach Calzone {our favorite; pictured above}

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