Thursday, November 11, 2010

Healthy Desserts

Today is everyone's favorite ... Desserts!!  If you are just stopping by today, be sure to check out Monday and Tuesday's posts on side dishes and breads.  

Two pies are traditional for us at Thanksgiving -- pumpkin and apple.  We've made variations on these pies using whole wheat flour and natural sweeteners:

Let's start with Pumpkin Pie --

In our kitchen, pumpkin is out and sweet potatoes are in {due to allergies}, so our "pumpkin pie" is really a Sweet Potato Pie.

Rather than a traditional pie crust, we use whole wheat molasses crinkle cookie dough to make the base for this pie.  Yum, yum.  This year, I'm going to try substituting honey for the brown sugar and see how that turns out.  

Moving on to Apple Pie!

In fact, what you see here is my very first attempt at making her pie {this photo was from about 3.5 years ago}!  

While we love this pie, we've tried making it using a whole wheat pie crust instead -- 

This was our Thanksgiving pie last year, and we greatly enjoyed it with homemade ice cream {made ahead of time}.  The crust isn't as pastry-like with whole wheat, but the flavor was delicious.

One of our other favorite pies is an Apple Honey Pie -- made with whole wheat flour and honey, it's got a delightful fall flavor!

If you're looking for desserts other than pies, here are a couple I might recommend:

Sweet Potato Dark Chocolate Chip Bread {made with whole wheat flour and applesauce}

Apple Pockets {mini apple pies; made with white whole wheat flour}

Crockpot Apple Cake {yes... you read it correctly -- dessert in the crockpot!!}

Or, for a wheat-less dessert {very healthy too}, try baked apples!  They can double for apple pie, especially when served with ice cream :)

I love these desserts!  And, they travel extremely well and make for a nice dessert to bring to someone's home for the holidays.

Other fantastic Thanksgiving desserts include:
Pumpkin Spice {Dark Chocolate} Ice Cream
Apple Pie with Crumble Topping {freezer-friendly}
Crockpot Pumpkin Apple Cake
Apple Cinnamon Spice Ice Cream
Apple Cinnamon Rice Krispie Treats
Apple Cinnamon Bars
Sweet Potato Cranberry Dark Chocolate Bread
Easy Pumpkin Cobbler

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  1. Oh yum! My favorite day is dessert day! :)

  2. Those are great desserts! All the pictures look so yummy!

  3. All of these look scrumptious! They have my mouth watering like crazy. I love that you use cookie dough for you pumpkin crust!

  4. honey pie.. I know I would LOVE that!!!


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