Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Plan - February 8

Last week, Frog Prince was out of town for a BIG interview... which went exceptionally well.  We will know about the direction of our lives for the next few years by the 15th.  Just one week.  I can hardly wait.  While Frog Prince was gone, I made some good eats... which continued, of course when he returned:

(this was probably my favorite from the week)

(Frog Prince's favorite)

English Muffin Pizzas
(what you get when you cook for 1 for the third night in a row...)

Unstuffed Pepper Skillet
(we added black beans too; yum!)


Sweet Potato Cake
(no-oil cake recipe!)

This week, Frog Prince is also gone... traveling this time for work.  I'm not looking forward to him being gone for a second week, especially since Tuesday is my birthday.  At least I can go watch LOST with my friends that evening.  We did celebrate this weekend with my birthday menu...

for breakfast


with steamed broccoli for dinner

For dessert, my favorite....

plain cake, warm right from the oven.  

With Frog Prince heading out of town, I did lots of cooking this weekend, so my meals this week are mainly leftovers.  This will be good because I hope to spend lots of time this week finishing a complete draft of my dissertation!!

Breakfast - Orange Cranberry Muffins
Dinner - Spinach and Cheese Calzone (new)

Breakfast - Veggie Scramble, OJ
Dinner - Leftover Unstuffed Pepper Skillet in a tortilla

Breakfast - Apple Cranberry Granola
Dinner - Leftover White Cheddar Mac and Cheese
Dessert - Ice Cream Cake

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Apples
Dinner - Leftovers calzone, steamed veggies

Breakfast - Granola with dried cherries
Dinner - Roasted Veggie Parmesan

Breakfast - Carrot Whole Wheat Waffles (new)
Dinner - Crockpot Pork Chops with Mushroom Barley Soup, mixed veggies

Breakfast - Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Dinner - Vegetable Lasagna, garlic bread

Wheat crackers with broccomole dip
Dried apples and cranberries
Snow Tea
Baked Apples

And, just because I'm curious -- does your family have a special birthday menu?


  1. Happy Birthday! My birthday is also Tuesday and my husband's is Wednesday. We don't have a special birthday menu YET, but I am making him your ice cream cake as a surprise. Ice cream cakes are his favorite.

  2. We don't have something that I always have on my birthday. I used to have black beans and rice as no one else in my family liked them and I love them! And lemon m. pie!!! I love it! My sister usually makes it for me now!

  3. Our birthday menus are usually by request - depending on who it is, though, they are pretty predictable. My grandparents also have a tradition of taking the entire family out to celebrate birthdays.

  4. Have a great week! We usually go out to eat for my birthday - so I get the night off from cooking. On E's birthday, it's whatever he chooses and it varies year to year.

  5. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you've got quite a week ahead of you ... and hopefully some exciting job news for your hubby too!

    I've had such fun starting to browse through your recipes here. Oh my! We're looking forward to trying homemade ravioli and I think I'll make mine with some spinach, onion, and prosciutto since I'm the only mushroom lover here.

    As for birthdays, we usually each pick our favorites when our day arrives. They run the gamut. Which is good since three of the five of us have March birthdays.

    Have a good (and productive!) week...

  6. Happy (almost) birthday! It sounds like you had an excellent birthday meal the other day :D. Good luck with the dissertation!

  7. Hi! I come across your blog somehow and I'm so so glad I did because your recipes are AMAZING!!! (I mean they look amazing :) ) I haven't been married for that long so I am still trying to get used to cooking and finding new things to cook, etc. Thank you so much for sharing so much info. I just love it all!!

  8. The birthday dinner meal (and sometimes breakfast) is determined by the person who's birthday it is. We have 4 children, so the usuals for breakfast are grits, eggs, sausage or a combo of all and dinner's are usually homemade mac-n-cheese with some kind of meat and veggie. All our kids LOVE to eat so they just pick their favorites and we all get to enjoy. Happy Birtday, Tuesday!! And I'm definitely trying that hot fudge crock-pot cake! Mmmm!!!

  9. Happy almost Birthday!! We don't have any specific menus for birthdays, sometimes we go out and sometimes we stay in depending on the person's preference. My birthday is close to Christmas so sometimes it's hard to find a good place to eat that isn't super crowded. But I also ask my mom to make me Mrs. Logan's Chocolate Cake (basically a Texas sheet cake) and I always make her Paula Deen's Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake. Can you tell we like chocolate? :)

  10. It all looks so wonderful! I just got a waffle maker for christmas...need to try those oatmeal waffles :)

  11. Happy Birthday to you!!
    My husband's birthday is on Valentine's Day, so we don't celebrate the day of love, but just his birthday! Usually what we do for birthdays is allow that person to choose a special meal. For my husband, this year he has decided he wants to be surprised! So on his actual b-day we're going to a friend's house, but I'll make his special dinner the next day. Also, when it's my b-day, he does the cooking!! I usually just let him create something and he does a great job. :)

  12. Those roasted veggies and pasta do look very good

  13. Happy birthday! We always let the kids choose whatever they want for breakfast and dinner on their birthdays. Our breakfasts are always the same--my husband's crepes with fun toppings. Our birthday dinners, though, vary wildly from person to person.


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