Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So... things have been rather crazy around here as we're adjusting to our new normal.  I'm finding just a few minutes here and there to post about what's going on in our kitchen, but not nearly enough time to keep up on the blogworld or responding to comments like I used to...

One thing that has been keeping me busy in our kitchen has been apples!

Oh, how I love apples.

And, this is the best apple invention. Ever.  I don't know how I would process and make all the yummy apple goodies of fall without one!  It's one of the best wedding gifts we received (and certainly one of the most used!)!!  Save those peels... you can make delicious tea from them.

I once wrote a post about a variety of different apples with much more biology included than most people care to know about when thinking about their fruits ;-)

In honor of the fall air that's blown into town, and because the Ingredient Spotlight today over at Eat at Home is Apples, I thought I'd entice you with a few apple ideas for your fall palate:

{perfect for ice cream, or waffles/pancakes}

{a healthy - and delicious- alternative to apple pie}

{made from apple peels!}

{without a dehydrator}

Apple Cake
{Frog Prince's Grandfather's Recipe!}

{the best applesauce. ever}

{A simple and delicious dessert}


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  1. Apples have to be my favorite fruit! And thanks for tempting me with all those yummy recipes!!!

  2. Well dang! now I am hungry, and it's time to go to bed! :-P (Just teasing!)

  3. That's a wonderful group of recipes! The healthy apple pie looks super good. It all looks good!

  4. I love all things apple! I am bookmarking this post...thanks!

  5. Oh Apple Season, how we love thee! :) These recipes look delicious. Definitely coming back to this post!

  6. Oh My goodness...which one to try?????

  7. I agree with you that apple/peeler/corer all in one is amaizing and saves sooo much time in the kitchen. I love mine. thanks for the top about the tea with the skins, I'll have to give that a try.

  8. I have a bag of fresh picked apples and one of those cool peelers also! Love it! Thanks for sharing all of these great recipes and I am super behind on blogs right now too! Life is going by faster than the speed of light huh?

  9. I love a good apple recipe and you have plenty to choose from, I'll have to remember to come back after we go apple picking this year.

  10. Oh goodness! I couldn't have read this post at a better time! I just bought 20 lbs of apples yesterday. The price was so good I couldn't help myself. Now I have lots of delicious looking recipes to try. Thank you!!

  11. This is where I get to look at you all up north and have apple envy. I've so often wished I could jump in the car and go apple picking like we do blueberries and strawberries. Enjoy!
    I'll still go and buy some at the farmer's market and try the apple cake recipe, thanks for sharing!

  12. What an amazing array of apple recipes all in one place! I'll have to bookmark this for next time when I go apple picking. I'm all out of the apples I picked from two weeks ago. Thanks for all these wonderful ideas!


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