Sunday, November 28, 2010

Menu Plan - November 28

Seems like just yesterday November arrived, and this week, December arrives!  We had a delightful Thanksgiving filled with food that we'll be eating for the next few weeks.

Our hope is that you too enjoyed this Thanksgiving holiday.  
Whether there is much to be thankful for, or this year has been a year of challenges,
taking a day to praise and thank God regardless of our circumstances is refreshing.  
Not to mention, I love Thanksgiving leftovers!

Thanksgiving Feast - 2010!
{our Thanksgiving recap post}

The day after Thanksgiving {also known as Black Friday}
is baking day in our house!
Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing our favorite
Christmas treats with you.

In addition to Thanksgiving foods, last week we enjoyed:

This week, we're enjoying Turkey in just about everything....

B - Mashed Potato Doughnuts {family recipe coming soon!}
Dessert - Leftover Pumpkin Pie with Spiced Whipped Cream {recipe coming soon}

B - Leftover Pumpkin Spice Bagels, honey
D - Thanksgiving leftovers

B - Sweet Potato Pancakes, crust-less apple pie 
D - Family Favorite Broccoli Hotdish {using leftover turkey}

B - Leftover Potato Doughnuts or pancakes
D - Leftovers

D - Potluck at Church -- bringing Ham and Potato Casserole

D - Festival of Christmas night!!  Potato soup before the concert.  

Dessert - Apple Pockets



  1. Your menu for the week looks great. I just love scones...yum! Thank you for sharing.

  2. your pictures look amazing! you menu looks great to!

  3. Yum! You always have me wishing I was eating at your house!!

  4. Yum. Sounds like a great meal plan for the week!


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